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By Anonymous
I tried this over and over again. It was agonizing. In the end i ended up with EXACTLY 500k runes. That's a lot of attempts.
By Anonymous
I meant souls my bad
By Anonymous
the stab attack is literally undodgable unless you time it right. There's no way of dodging it with reaction time. You have to memorize it completely.
By Anonymous
It's not that difficult to dodge if your timing is good, the hitboxes are janky as hell though, and it WILL hit you if you don't time it right even if you don't physically touch his sword
By Anonymous
No shield is necessary. Not in this fight, not in any Souls game, take that nonsense out of your head. He has all of six or seven moves,easy to dodge.
By Anonymous
Or accept that people can do both and have a shield in hand as backup, and that it doesn’t affect you in the slightest.
By Anonymous
Loyce Knights are the biggest chads in souls.
By Anonymous
They did this fantastic boss dirty by adding the mandatory fight against 20 or so Charred Loyce Knights before the boss. Now, the knights are somewhat ok when playing as a heavy build, but absolutely nightmarish as any type of magic user, as they have such high resistances to everything that you kinda have to use a big bulk of your stock before the actual fight even begins. As a boss, BIK is really fun and fair, and I'd love for this to have been designed so that after the first time you fight the charred boys, you can jump straight away into the boss fight on the next try. As it is now, it's just such a shame, another victim of DS2's horsesh-t design philosophy of creating challenge by flooding the place with enemies.
By Anonymous
Someone is salty they forgot to get their knights
By Anonymous
It's highly likely the Burnt Ivory 'King' was actually a woman. They hid their face as per their armour set description, and their armour set gives a health bonus when killing male enemies as a female, plus their armour is very feminine in design.
By Anonymous
its not, get over it
By Anonymous
A guy summoned me and the Ivory king reached the area before the second gate was closed, is that normal? We failed, but he summoned me a second time and we managed to win(some other dude died, but the host beat the boss), overall was a nice experience
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Too many enemies for way too long. Such a fitting end to this painful DLC
By Anonymous
Mid take
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
Not the end
By Anonymous
This is the only bad part of the DLC though
By Anonymous
once you disable to portals this guy is a easy fight
By Anonymous
Astonishing from spectacle point of view however a bit of a letdown for me. It took 5 flasks to get to him since in the last part after 2 knights sacrifice it’s likely a 4v2 and then i no hit the guy in like half a minute. I used +5 dark fume sword with 28 dex 28 faith and 48 int. I can’t say he was a bad boss tho the fight was very satisfying end to the DLC just wish he was a bit stronger.
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