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By Anonymous
A guy summoned me and the Ivory king reached the area before the second gate was closed, is that normal? We failed, but he summoned me a second time and we managed to win(some other dude died, but the host beat the boss), overall was a nice experience
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Too many enemies for way too long. Such a fitting end to this painful DLC
By Anonymous
Mid take
By Anonymous
once you disable to portals this guy is a easy fight
By Anonymous
Astonishing from spectacle point of view however a bit of a letdown for me. It took 5 flasks to get to him since in the last part after 2 knights sacrifice it’s likely a 4v2 and then i no hit the guy in like half a minute. I used +5 dark fume sword with 28 dex 28 faith and 48 int. I can’t say he was a bad boss tho the fight was very satisfying end to the DLC just wish he was a bit stronger.
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