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It has layers
The devour is not a guaranteed death but is a guaranteed bleed and alot of damage please fiz
these ogres like to sit sometimes on me. they also smell like onions!
I kept dying to the grab attack until I realized it stops you from moving as soon as it starts grabbing, so dodging past it is ng.
Watch their grab attack because they possess mysterious force powers that can pull you into their hungry fists even if you are where you think it's "safe". TLDR: They grab you about half a roll beyond their actual hands.
Ogres. HAVE. L A Y E R S.
They are tough to tale down due to many layers of protection
I see what you did there.
Aldia's Keep: Go into the room that leads to the bonfire after aggroing one. Wait for it to be close enough to the door and attack. (Works especially well with the Great Sword (roll attack makes most DMG)
I love that third strategy.
Also easy use a staff with soul arrows