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Will a bonfire ascetic used at Chapel Threshold restock the chest with another great fireball?
And by the way, you're suppose to use thé expression "get à life" when à guy is playing the game non stop, like you probably are, not when he is asking noobish questions, implying there he actually ain't spending his life on videogames.
Not everyone gets to play stuff as soon as it comes out *****. These posts are for helping new players, not criticising them.
if it was in an iron chest bonfire ascetics won't work youll have to beat the game and go into NG+
New Game+
No u get it from an iron chest so it does not respawn
lol whats ng+ your so stupid the game literally came out in 2014 and you dont kniw whats ng get a life you fukin nerd ***
Wat's NG+
same will it respawn by asctics or no
Forest of Giants AND Memory of the Old Iron King
I can confirm they drop Great Fireball. If you're trying to farm these, and are on PS4, I suggest going down where the metal chest is, and attacking the salamander nearby, it can only shoot fireballs so it's not that big of a deal. Then, when you only need one more hit to kill it, quit the game and upload a backup file to the cloud. Get back in and kill it, check for drops, rinse and repeat.