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By Anonymous
Lucatiel > dark souls 3 firekeeper
By Anonymous
worst ai of the summons, she/he stands around most of the time doing nothing.
By Anonymous
i see people complaining about her ai being terrible but she straight up carried me hard everytime i summon her with lost sinner being the exception
By Anonymous
Lucatiel of Mirrah? More like Lucatiel of doesn't go through the fog gate
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By AveragePlayer
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This game have really stupid decisions lmao why i have to summon her three times?
By Anonymous
fr, it’s such a dumb idea to punish players for solo-ing
By Anonymous
Probably my favorite NPC in DS2. Also, I see a lot people complaining she doesn't survive boss fights. Personally, I've only ever had an issue with this on occasion at the Rotten. Otherwise, she comes through fine.
By Anonymous
she stands around doing nothing most of the fight. you get reduced exp from the fight and the boss is harder because you summoned someone. less exp/harder fight/npc that doesn't carry its own weight.
By Anonymous
The rotten and lost sinner is the only fight she doesn't consistently die in for me
By Anonymous
Hi :)

I'm also trying for this trophy. I beat the Siamese twins with her and the lost sinner with her.

The smelter deamon and her dialogue in Earthen peak I missed inadvertently.

Unfortunately for Rotten, Lucatiel fell in the last hundredth of a second...

What shall I do now? Can this misfortune be saved with bonfire ascetic?
By Anonymous
I used bonfire ascetic in Iron Keep over the first bonfire. Then I went back to Earthen peak to speak with her. The summon was there and I successfully beat Smelter deamon with her. She was then in Aldia's keep and she gives me the set without any problems.
By Anonymous
Just got the trophy using rotten method. I cleared poison statues before summoning her. At bf area I used a sign and started running to boss area. Sometimes she was lost and didn’t even come to the arena but she’s always late so it gives a bit more time. I used redeye ring and tried to be on the other side of rotten when possible so that she wouldn’t be hit y attacks that were meant for me. She died a few times - just have bone/feather rdy.
By Anonymous
In case you have summoned her three times and reached the Foregarden bonfire in Aldia's Keep and she's not there, trace back her other locations and exhaust every dialogue then head back.
By Anonymous
If you're confused as to why you can't find her in black gulch, you're probably dropping in the wrong spot. The drop point is before the door and the giants. I just found out after 2 hours of searching.
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