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By Anonymous
For someone bragging so much about her sword skills she kinda just stands and blocks xd Cool character tho, I guess its part of her charm being overconfident and proud.
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By HonestYeti
RIP. Summoned her in No Man's Wharf and she yeeted herself off the pier....guess she didn't want to be part of my NG+

Might want to clear the enemies to boss before summoning her, just to be safe.
By Anonymous
I have never forgotten you, Lucatiel.
By Anonymous
You can summon her at the Grand Cathedral, for the Burnt Ivory King, but i don't know if it counts for her set
By Anonymous
it does
By Anonymous
Heartaches, heartaches
My loving you meant only heartaches.
Your kiss was such a sacred thing to me—
I can't believe it's just a burning memory.
By Anonymous
Lucatiel > Ranni/Melina/Rya/Roderika/Nepheli/doll/emerald herald/ds3 firekeeper/Maria/siegward/Andre/solaire/everyone else not listed here
By Anonymous
This is correct
By Anonymous
Lucatiel is not better than sunbro Solaire
By Anonymous
Andre > Solaire > siegward > all
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Her giving me a human effigy, not knowing what it does, laughing, then later basically dying to the curse really seems like a big F U From Software.
By Anonymous
Note: That was a fake quest branch made.
By Anonymous
Secret Quest Branch: Drop Lucatiel a Human Effigy at each encounter and get to summon her for Throne Watcher and Defender/Nashandra/Aldia
By Anonymous
Probably the nicest NPC in the entire game.
By Anonymous
no she's not, her intro 1st time meeting her is rude AF
By Anonymous
vengarl: am i a joke to you?
By Anonymous
where's lucatiel when you need her the most
By Anonymous
You can summon her to fight the ivory king
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By Karla
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bearer of the curse you mute idiot, communicate to lucatiel and try and show her what a human effigy dose.
By Anonymous
I don't think it'll work if you don't remember what you looked like before the curse.
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