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By Anonymous
Why do you need to summon her for boss fights... I don't want to use phantoms, so goodbye her armor and sword, i guess
By Anonymous
Didn't find her at Harvest Valley location described, for me she appeared at Lower Earthen Peak Bonfire after Covetous Demon
By Anonymous
Note: forgetting the 3rd boss fight and talking to her at Aldia's = bye bye achievement
By Anonymous
useless wench
By Anonymous
The hardest part about completing her questline is keeping her alive, she never dodges boss attacks and sure she's tanky, but unless you do really high damage she's likely to die before the boss does if you can't kill the boss quickly, One really annoying example of this is when i summoned her to fight the Lost Sinner, right when the Lost Sinner was one hit away from death, and i took a swing to finish her off, Lucatiel runs in like a complete idiot and eats an attack to the face before i could finish the boss off, She's great at distracting bosses and tanking their attacks, but good god is it a pain to keep her alive during a boss fight to complete her quest.
By Anonymous
same thing happened to me with the lost sinner, yes she's a liability.
By Anonymous
Died to the rotten just as I killed him. It was the third summon. FML I guess, see ya on NG+ gurl
By Anonymous
honestly lucatiel kinda deserves what happened to her. how the hell did she not know what an effigy did and how come she only found ONE? what a casul.
By Anonymous
Yes, she deserved to die, she was dumb to not use one of this efige
By Anonymous
Effigies wouldn't cure her, they just delay the inevitable. Besides, they only work as long as you still have a clear purpuse and determination, like we do with beating the game, Andre with smithing, Gilligan with making ladders or Patches with tricking the greedy. In fact, if we take the dark ending then our character probably ends just like her not so long afterwards.
By Anonymous
Ya’ll realise it’s meant to be satirical?
By Anonymous
I'll wield your greatsword in your memory, Lucatiel
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