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By Anonymous
Hey guys, someone know why the summon symbol doesnt spawn?
By Anonymous
Are you in the Company of Champions Covenant?
By Anonymous
or it might be just because you're not human
By Anonymous
If you're referring to the Black Gulch, you have to find and talk to her first. Then her summon symbol will appear next to the hidden bonfire.
By Anonymous
You also can summon her for Ivory King
By Anonymous
Jesus Christ. Give a warning for the last location in all caps or something. Just locked the achievement to inherit her equipment forever on my save file until I start a new one or a NG+. There goes more hours of my life.
By Anonymous
This wiki is complete garbage, I'd recommend reading it thoroughly before doing anything if you're achievement hunting.
By Anonymous
This is why you need to make constant and multiple backups of your save file. Lesson learned the hard way.
By Anonymous
This is why you need to make constant and multiple backups of your save file throughout your progression through the game. Lesson learned the hard way
By Anonymous
And here does DS2 again with their unfair dificulty. It seems I'm not the only one that suspects that bosses are set up to focus on Lucatiel and Benhart.
By Anonymous
Ranking the top 5 NPCs in the Souls universe:
5) Hanbei the undying
4) Solaire and Siegward
3) Gehrman
2) Patches
1) Lucatiel
By Anonymous
What part of the Solaire / Siegward questlines lets you combine them both into one jolly cooperator
By Anonymous
The sole fact that you put solaire in 4th place offends me.
By Anonymous
Solaire switched with hanbei and the numbers flipped and then youve got it right
By Anonymous
I don’t see Galvan on this list
By Anonymous
1. Isn't hanbei from sekiro?
2. How hanbei is better than isshin?
3. My tier list:
5) Patches the Hyena
4) Trusty Patches
3) Unbreakable Patches
2) Patches the Spider
1) Patches the Untethered

Honorable Mention
Amnesiac Lapp
By Anonymous
Solaire should be at #1
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By Astori Heichalot
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get those 3 fights except the rotten one,
rotten does too high damage on her. even if I used redeye ring, the rotten's cleave attack and dark explosion always got her
By Anonymous
I fought the rotten 3 times on NG+ to get this done, so NG+4. Just clear out all the poison statues, hand monsters, and centipedes before the fog gate, summon the 2 extra summons in Black Gulch, and equip the Redeye Ring and try your best to bait the attacks. Easiest boss fight in the game.
By Anonymous
You need to really DPS race I. The rotten on higher difficulties if lucatiel has aggro.
While an easy boss the rotten does has impressive damage, he can usually two shot you.

The red eye ring won't make you a target 100% of the time. Enemies will still switch targets randomly, but the ring does help, they're more likely to stick to you.
By Anonymous
Try to manipulate the agro with a weapon that hits hard. Grab agro, run to the Rotten's far side and bait his reach attack. Keep mid distance without attacking until he switches agro to her. Then go wail on his back until he turns around. Rinse and repeat. If you attack the whole time, she ends up on the same side as you. Thus, all the attacks aimed at you hit her. I use a Black Knight Sword at around +3. Anything that deals damage hard and fast works. Do it right and she survives even on higher ng+ cycles.
By Anonymous
You can kill her after the achievement pops and get a second mask for fun. Who carries two of the same equipment anyway? Oh right. *swaps to second +5 DGH*
By Anonymous
Can someone help?
I killed the flexile sentry and the lost sinner without her help, but I didn't kill the rotten and smelter demon yet, so what should I do? Can I use a bonfire ascetic to get her help again or am I screwed?
By Anonymous
I think you can use bonefire assetics to get a +1 to the number of times she helped you. This is unconfirmed, but id try that
By Anonymous
Like the guy above said,
bonefire assetics work. I use it to summon her for flexile sentery since I miss the summon in my first fight. I found her in aldia's keep
By Anonymous
I did 3 of her encounters except for the one in Earthen Peak where she isn’t showing up. I was wondering where would I need to go to reset the area with another BA
By Anonymous
Nvm I was using the pre-SoTFS location
By Anonymous
Take care. It's a desert out there...
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