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Am i allowed to rest at a bonfire and travel for this ring ?
Resting at bonfires is okay for THIS ring, yes.
Confirmed ; dying as a grey spirit counts for a death.
Any tye of death counts
What about while wearing the crown?
Any tye of death counts
Any tye of death counts
Easily the most frustrating item in the entire game to obtain thanks to that level.
Should do what im doing. Get a ton of soul items (Farm The Rotten for this) and use them whn your get to NG+.
In NG+, go down the Gutter and grab the fragrent branch. warp back to majula and then go to the shrine of winter. Use your soul items and boom. 1 run against The Rotten on NG+ onward yields 100k would of soul items (25k from his soul, 75k from old dead one soul). 20 runs and your done. And you dont have to worry about the hyped difficulty becaus you can just skip him in the next run
Or you could use all your souls to buy the branch from Melentia
i would never waste my time playing 30 hours with no garantee of my survive.
It is guaranteed if you’re good
dc from server at pvp servers and pray to your god you are not mad for tring this :D
It isn´t that hard. You don´t have to explore whole game and kill all bosses, just get to Nashandra as fast as possible, kill her and end the game.

You need 1 mil. soul memory to enter the Drangleic castle. Then you need king´s ring from Undead crypt, after go meet the ancient dragon, after kill Throne Watcher and the second guy (so you don´t have to fight them with Nashandra at once). Return back, kill Giant boss and then again return to kill Nashandra. Easy as that.

That´s how I made it, my third attempt. Also I don´t recommend going down in the Saint Grave, Gutter and Black Gulch. The few souls you may earn there aren´t worth the really easy death. Most likely from fall. Good luck
Does dying while using denial's effects count as a death?
No, because you don't actually die
I got it right now,it was in my sixth try,in ng,i used the regular rapier,pure dex build,i killed the rotten 4 times and a few more bosses,so with this method i saved myself fighting against the other 3 great bosses,with one million souls you can open the gates of the shrine of winter,i am so *****ing happy!!! GG
Just got it. Easy.
I used a Pike+10 and that thing did literally no damage lol, but I got experience, I played every souls-game and have over 1000 hours in them, so, yeah. Explored everything, killed every boss including all DLC.
NG is really not a challenge, Ng7+ would be more fun tbh
(Or just getting the ring for making every flame on the map in Majula blue, because that is 100x more challenging in my opinion. Not even once arsed myself to do that.)
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NG+7 is for babies. Wait until you get to NG+87, that's where the real dark souls starts, fatty