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I've this build (inspired by you)
same stats (maybe you can put 21 in ADP , cuz you have 10 iFrame like in 25 ADP)
and 45 in strength
Use the Blossom Kite Shield for stamina recovery instead of the defender shield , and use the Throne Watcher Gauntlets (and leggings if you want) that are better in EVERYTHING than the Faraam Gauntlets (less 1 point in poise)

You can use a Ring of Soldier +2 and some Aurous Transparent Set parts, in this way you are under the 25% weigth and going in Fast Roll instead of Mid-Roll (and ulterior stamina boost)
But less defence and poise.

However, crazy and awesome PVP build probably the best on this wikia.
10 / 10

(over 100 invasions and 100 Sins)

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