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Note: They DO recover from being knocked down. It takes a few minutes, but they will recover.
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ds2 made me hate women
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A game is not needed for that
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least hated ds2 enemy
By Anonymous
Found two of those healers in NG, I thought they are milfanito that I had hit accidentally, since they are just backing off whatever I tried to approach them. I felt so guilty for nothing
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By Jarka
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The range and homing of their soul arrow are just crazy. They will follow you to the end of the map...
By Anonymous
Awful enemies, insanely huge aggro range and attack range meaning they'll often be sniping you from across the map miles away from you, deal insane damage with their projectiles, and to make matters even worse, said projectiles track you and are a pain to dodge through too, the only saving grace about these damn hellspawns is that they have zero poise and are easily killed up close, shame that even getting close to them is a pain since they often have those stupid Archdrake Pilgrims who sprint faster than a gazelle on cocaine, aren't slowed down by water and don't give a single **** about your poise just to make even just getting close to these wenches a complete pain
By Anonymous
Most loved enemy in the game.
By Anonymous
the amana homing rocket launcher
By Anonymous
Chugging holy water from those girls I beaten unconcious with my big sticc. Hehehe~~
By Anonymous
Cute, especially the healer variant.