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I can confirm that she does in fact show up on the first playthrough. I am on shrine of amana now and she keeps following me into the cave with the poison mushroom bugs.
im in the shrine in NG+ ... and she is in front of me... so it's not true that you can see her in the first playthrough only!
I can also testify to the fact the Amana Priestess healer shows up in the first playthrough - I keep seeing her in the group of priestesses/pilgrims right outside of the corroding bug cave bonfire (maybe it's a SOTFS change?)
So apparently, if you pancake them with a greathammer, they stay down, as I've recently learned. You don't even have to kill them. They just lie there.
That's amazing, lol.
''oh sorry the game was made by EA you have to buy the DLC in order to do that''
What is their dialogue when they chant? It sounds like they are saying something played backwards, similar to the Decons of the Deep who say “He’s going to kill me!” backwards when they see you and the crystal sage who says “Release me now!” Also backwards.
how can i get her armor set?
There's one that keeps walking around and she doesn't do anything, everytime i get close to her she walks away in a cute fashion.


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That's the healer. She casts Soothing Sunlight if the nearby Archdrake Clerics get low on health. That requires 52 faith to use...imagine if they gave her offensive miracles like Wrath of the Gods. She would nuke unsuspecting players.