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By Anonymous
if they dont add a weapon similar to this in the elden ring dlc Im going to kill myself
By Anonymous
Me too, joined effort.
By Anonymous
suicide pact time
By Anonymous
The fact we didn't get Hoarah Loux esque unarmed/claw moveset akin to Bloodborne Beast Claws is absolutely criminal.
By Anonymous
everybody loves kung fu fighting
By Anonymous
And his his drop kick was as fast as lightning
By Anonymous
The fact that these things aren't in DS3 or Elden Ring is a crime.
By Anonymous
This is where the budget for all the weapon animations went
By Anonymous
Try with Majestic great sword in left hand.
Funnest build as both have knock down capability and combo great together.
A staple combo is Drop kick or sweepkick-punch to knock down then use majestic spin attack, but the other variations are great fun too.

It's a fun acrobatic blade brawler build. Almost feels like Nightmare from SC.
By Anonymous
Terraria moment
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
-Good poise
-Great damage scaling
-Fast combos
-Unpredictable moveset
-Makes you sandwiches from enemy faces
-Turns you into Godfrey

By Anonymous
A few tips about the Bone Fist.
Get as much stamina as you can to chain those combos
combo everything
Practice your backstep game
Noone ever sees the first dropkick coming
By Anonymous
Men do Senator Armstrong cosplays with this weapon, Legends do Minos Prime cosplay with this weapon
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
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