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this is my favorite spell. im a warrior and my strenth is high and pyromancey takes no intel or faith so i started mesing with it and thought hmm this is cool lets try it then i started to use this on every guy who was waiting for me to come close and they would sometimes just sit there as the slowly die my toxic. in short this is the best pyromancery spell you could get it works great with mini bosses and pvp too. so ya, GET IT NOW!
Did you us it aganst velstadt?
Well damn now I gotta try it against velstadt. Haven't gotten that far on my current character yet but I'll definitely mix in pyromancy along with my miracles
Is the toxic build up faster than the poison build up?
It literally says that it is faster right in the description loser so how about you learn how to read, learn how to pay attention, relearn to stop being a entitled chump punk that expects to skip through the whole description and get a yes or no instead of having to read. Smh idiot
To the obnoxious guy on 14th of Jan: You're telling him to learn to read and you didn't bother to read the part that says: "builds up at same rate". get over yourself bro.
I think the first reply is a troll there's no way he's that dumb and obnoxious. The build up rate is the same as poison, but toxic ticks faster meaning it will do damage faster then poison not build up faster
Total crutch for melee only builds when you gotta deal with that one enemy you absolutely hate
Won a few 3v1s because the host had toxic on him and didn't get to heal in time. Love this spell
i tried this magic right after i got it and straid became a hostile cuz of that
Is it's damage affected by dexterity or is it affected by another stat like intelligence since it's a spell?
It’s damage (like everything else that causes poison/toxic) is affected by Adaptability, adaptability increases your poison bonus
Straid won't sell it to me and I have the soul for it. Any reason why?
poison and toxic in this game is basically the Dark Souls equivalent to putting a shotgun in someone's mouth. It's just so overkill and one of those things you only use on enemies you really hate
You can cast this on mimic chests and they will not become hostile. They will take damage and just sit there. It's almost enough to kill them outright. One hit from any weapon afterwards and they are dead.