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By Anonymous
If you are currently poisoned with the mace and you hit an enemy, The mace will take significantly more durability on attack.
By Anonymous
Is it wise 2 infuse with poison?
By Anonymous
Late to this comment but na it isnt. You get more poison buildup if you use a regular version with the poison resin applied to it as oppossed to the poison version
By Black_Iron_Bob
Things I wish I could change about this weapon: It's appearance (a uncorrupted version) It's moveset and if I could remove it's poison effect. I really like the look of it but everything I mentioned above ruins it for me.
By Anonymous
its appearance and poison effect is because its from sanctum city, sanctum mace has arguably the best moveset in the game (great hammer AND greatlance) the fact that it self poisons is because they realized it was too op, everything about this weapon is beautiful
By Anonymous
I agree with people who like Fashion Souls, but the other reply to this makes some good points. There's nothing pristine left in the Sunken City, so you get what you get, unfortunately. Now, if you could go back in time...
By Anonymous
Oh no, I'm the opposite. I didn't like it at first (aww, it's all ruined!) But I fell in love with the Sanctum Knight outfit after I already used Drakeblood (my fav DS2+3 armor) in another playthrough. Then, I picked up an off-hand crossbow from one of the knights, slapped on the matching poison gauntlets (not the Knight version, the corrupted one), Rat Ring for MORE +Poison and I feel like a real toxic badass now, but not the mean kind. I thought it would be fun to play as a Sanctum Knight helping people in the DLC, like as a summon. Check out this build, I'm pretty sure 150 is the optimal SL for all Co-Op, correct?
By Anonymous
This thing has a very unique moveset, definitely worth checking out if you don't mind wearing a ring or two for poison resistance. 2H normal attack is a lance thrust and then a hammer swipe, strong attack is a spin, running attack is a lance charge.
By Anonymous
This weapon is a lie. I hunted every mace wielding guy to extinction with a covetous gold ring +1 and found none.
By Anonymous
You're just unlucky I got one by accident.
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By Bloodyeye769
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The same thing happened to me, but while farming the spiders for a zweihander.
By Anonymous
on one of my playthrough i got three without farming( i was running a hex build). Ur just unlucky man.
By Anonymous
I got 3 of them. The great hammer is... well..great! Deals a lot of damage except for the "poisoning the wielder" part.
By Anonymous
Also you find one on a dead body...
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By SlaveKnightKos
There is one on a dead body in the first part of the Sunken City
By Anonymous
You can find the mace on a body near the second bonfire of sanctum city. Not sure if the soldiers actually drop the item - I have spent quite a bit of time farming them for the gauntlets and never once got the mace
By Anonymous
They can. I just got one randomly but when I was farming them with proper Equipment, they didn't drop it so it's really unlikely and the drop rate is abyssmal.
By Anonymous
As durable as a dried out breadstick, this is essentially a toy for PVP. I killed two enemies with it and its durability was down 17 points (to 13) and it broke two enemies later. Good damage, but not at all worth it for PVP. It does drop (very rarely) from Sanctum soldiers wielding it as one dropped it for me tonight.
By Anonymous
Should you infuse the mace at all? Or is it the best to keep it uninfused? Becease i know 't whole "Don't infuse it with poison" but is it still good if infused with somthing else?
By Anonymous
This goes for any weapon: Infuse it if you don't want to use spell buffs and never infuse on pure melee builds (unless it's something like raw on a low lvl char).
By Anonymous
trash weapon. super fragile with only average damage. and the poison build up is a hinderance more then anything since you have to wear armor and rings specifically meant to get rid of the build up which leaves little for most other things youd actually want for this like a bracing knuckle ring.