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By Anonymous
I summoned this guy for the watcher & defender but he died as I finished it... Would this count as a death for him even though this fight does not count towards his quest line? At this point I had 2/3 fights done with him and assumed it wouldn't matter if he died, only that he survived Nash or any other boss
By Anonymous
So... If you've already killed him do his summon signs show up?-First play through.
By Anonymous
oh boy. but it's correct. you just have to do one more fight. i guess any of them will do. you just have to make 3. then speaking with him should finally reward you.
By Anonymous
What about when i abandoned his summoning and go through the boss fight and died after that?
By Anonymous
Don't kill him as a human because I learned that the hard way. The blue moon great sword is fake!
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By SilverKnightDragon
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despite that fact it is a fake, under the Raw Infusion it has decent stats. the real thin g is better for INT builds obviously. it also has a different moveset.
By Anonymous
I am unable to find his summon sign to Elana. Does anyone know why?
By Anonymous
did you kill him
By Anonymous
what are those poison hand monsters inside the chamber. Just down the path some of them wield skeleton weapons of some kind. what in the world are those things?
By Anonymous
The race of giants
By Anonymous
I summoned him once for the magus and congregation boss fight without getting to the boss and died. His summon sign is no longer there, will it respawn?
By Anonymous
You can only summon phantoms if you have zero hollowing. And you went hollow because you died.
By Anonymous
Once there, is Jugo in the Memory of Orro forever or will he leave to another place?
By Anonymous
He stays there until you move to a new game cycle
By Anonymous
I think FROM meant this character to be named BeRnhart. And not Be-nhart. Probably another lost in translation case.
By Anonymous
Different world different spelling, who cares?
By Anonymous
I guess he doesn't say anything when you roll up with the real Moonlight Greatsword and do all of its special moves.
By Anonymous
I think his accent is a mild Scottish tbh
By Anonymous
As a Glaswegian he’s definitely a west of Scotland denizen- he could be much more guttural if he tried I feel.
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