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"remember that intelligence increases magic, fire and dark damage while faith increases fire, lightning and dark damage. " is this a typo, confused. What's the correct statement
Both Statements are correct. Faith and Intelligence both boost fire and dark. While also individually boosting magic for intelligence, and lightning for faith. IN OTHER WORDS - Intelligence increases magic, fire and dark. Faith increases lightning, fire and dark.
Im adding this becuase I didn't see it while skimming the page.....
A great early place for farming the infusion stone in Scholar of The First Sin is in Thing Betwixt by using a fragrant branch of yore.
You get an extra branch prettty early on. Although the ideal item discovery items aren't there early, you can still but the explorer hood and utilized the Champions if Chaos covenant(SP?) early for farmining! I found this most ideal for my sorcery build in getting a faintstone early.
Extra perks of this area are the extremely useful ladel... :/....and the twinkling titanite from the pursurer boss (dont give up on them!!!)
Anyways I never figured this out til about 80+ hours in the game so I wanted to lay this out for players like me who show up to the game late but want to still be OP early!! <3
Is there any pattern as to the kind of enemy and an elemental weakness? Such as beasts are weak against fire, and such?
Well anything that has fur is usually weak vs fire or lighting, and most of the armor clad enemies are weak vs lighting magic and dark
I killed stedy hand to get his hammer ... lol
Yeah You Can Light The Torch Near The Anvil And He Will Move Off The Chest :p
What a wonderfull idea!
I'm not sure where to find this info, I don't see it here or the Staves page or on the stones pages. Does upgrading a staff affect spellcasting? Does imbuing a staff?
I started out as a sorcerer and now that I've hit 20 Int I'm wondering if there is another way to spend souls to raise my damage.
Yes, for example I used a faintstone on my staff of wisdom and got a magic damage bonus.



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Magic vs Enchanted infusions... Magic Infusions deal extra magic damage and increase the AR. But they cant use resins. Enchanted transform some Int into physical damage, it has less AR but they can use resins, which makes up for something, I guess. My char is Str 13, Dex 15 and Int 54, and my Rapier 10 with AR of 304, infsd with Enchant gets to 310. So I guess that as soon as I give more Str and Dex(enough to use MLGS), it may be stronger in normal path...?
titanite chunk