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By Anonymous
jumping attack with craftsman's hammer immediately followed with rolling back seems to do the work
By Anonymous
They have insane health, poise, and speed compared to any other early game enemy. They don’t do a lot of damage per hit, but every attack they do staggers you, usually leading to you getting hit multiple times. If you get behind them they attack immediately, making backstab attempts useless. The only effective strategy against them is just to kite them around and use spells or projectiles. Strangely designed enemy, if you could halve their HP and damage they would still be much more difficult than the big knights
By Anonymous
The Heide knights are wonderful and perfect.

Skill issue.
By Anonymous
They do more damage to me than the old Knights three times their size
By Anonymous
Coz their steel is just that good, apparently.
By Anonymous
I swear their hp scales, I came back here and they took way more hits to kill even though I was stronger than before
By Anonymous
i can't speak for the original version but in sotfs you can get armour drops off them, though its extremely rare
By Anonymous
A deranged sunbro. Looks how mindless he is and how he can randomly slash you in a heartbeat.
By Anonymous
If they randomly stop moving to just stand still, they will do a buggy teleport and attack move of some sort. It looks really weird and is almost scary
By Anonymous
classic ds2
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By MagnusVesper
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It's like you're in PVP and they got a lag spike
By Anonymous
That does have a tell, and it isn't a teleport. Watch their sword when they stand still, it slowly raises and then pauses for like a tenth of a second before they rush in for one slash. Slow but will totally ruin your day if you don't recognize it.
By Anonymous
Very strange enemy. A few of their attacks are incredibly hard to read and it makes their animations just look flat out broken. Parrying them is a game of luck. I just circle around them with a decent shield and hit them after they attack 3 times personally.
By Anonymous
Backstabbing is awkward but don't rely on it as even a dagger took 1/3rd of his health. Best bet is magic or lightning infusion.

That or stop being a casual and duel fairly with a longsword :3c
By Anonymous
I've farmed for this mfs sword for the past 4 hours and my results have been no swords a large tendency to kill myself
By Anonymous
Are you using item discovery gear?