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Thereis an error in drops: "Forest of Fallen Giants - Heide Knight Sword, The Lost Bastille, Shrine of Winter". I'm very sure that it doesn't drop the lost bastille or the shrine of winter.
I killed the first knight in the forest at the same time he killed me and when I went back after red pawning, he didn't drop the knight sword
Pretty dope armour when maxed out
Info is not suitable for the "Scholar of the first sin"
I killed the first knight in the forest at the same time he killed me and when I went back after red pawning, he didn't drop the knight sword
The item didnt drop because you died and the item was removed hence you died. If an enemy drops something and you didnt pick it up before dying, it goes away. To the OP above me, your point is invalid.
Pretty dope armour when maxed out
The ps4 version, the knight has been removed from the area past the first bonfire.
Heide knight set looks epic
try thrusting
Nice joke though.
Barely anyone got the joke. ****.
Haha heide knight go slash slash
The knight in the lost Bastille can drop the lance on a rare drop
I can't find the heide knight for heide's tower of flame
I think they are only in the Sotfs edition, if you're on PS3 or the equivalent xbox, you won't have any Heide Knights in the Tower's area.
The first one is super easy to kill at Forest of Fallen Giants no matter what level he is on, I just climb the ladder and fire arrows down at him all day, but warning, when you use 4 bonfire astetics, he will starting dodging you so hope your a good shot!
Alternatively, on the first playthrough or without using ascetics, if you keep going towards the bonfire beside the merchant hag that sells Lenigrast's key, there's a little alcove past the door. There you can pick up 5 witching urns off a corpse, and each urn takes away about 24% of the knight's HP.
*****ing dex casul
Alternatively, you can just get SotfS and enjoy the fun gank fight with a metric crap-tonne of hollows while you get firebombs pelted at you.


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Their moveset is really weird.They look like they are posessed by the curse. they are drunk as *****
they're blind, they cant see so they have no idea how to keep their posture
if you played DS1 and fought artorias, they basically ripped off his stance with the broken arm and just added different meshes and textures, lots of the enemies in the souls series are like that
farming these guys for their armor is a pain in the *** now, ive clocked in over 24 hours of killing them, gained 3 swords, 1 spear, 2 helms. 1 chest, and 3 legs but not a single arms... based off what im seeing however, their drop rate is somewhere in the 5-10% range
That’s hilarious because in about ten minutes of killing them for extra souls I got the gauntlets with no item boosting gear.
This page on Heide Knights is incredibly underdeveloped
it doesn't tell you what their weaknesses or resistances are as well as not telling what move set they use and the strategies are pretty bad, they only work on certain knights with certain weapons
I mean c'mon it can't be that hard to get the information of what they're what they're weak to
I came to this page for the sole purpose of finding out what they're weak to so I can exploit it because I'm having trouble with one of the knights and I want those souls baby
so basically I give whoever made this page a 2/10 you sir, are a lazy-ass and I swear to god you better update this cause I need those exploits
for the record if you want that info, each one is weak to lightning damage and pierce is next to useless, try something nice and heavy like a greatsword, also the souls per kill is roughly 720 per kill, havent tested it yet as i am spawn killing them for the loot, but it took around 3 full spawn kills of NG to get one piece of armor

if you want more info, here is my email address, ill be happy to write a more detailed guide then what you found on here (i didnt write this article, but i am happy to help)
forgot to add email,, ask if you need help or want me to fill the pages for you
Try to stunlock them with the 2-handed r2 attacks from the longsword. It stunlocks them and makes for an easy kill. Be sure to have some leftover stamina because they tent to attack immedeatly after you stop attacking them.



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I'm pretty sure they're weak to dark, I used a dark buffed twinblade and kicked the living***** out of one
How about instead of getting upset and complaining about the page being underdeveloped why don't you go find the exploit yourself? I mean if it's so easy maybe you should get off your lazy *** andfind it yourself.


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Edit the page and add what’s missing then ya lazybones. Tf you think a community wiki is.



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Anyone notice the annoying cape bone behind the left arm of the armor?
Got the full set(and sword+spear) by joining the Champion Covenant and grinding the Tower for a few hours using Merchant Hat and Watchdragon Parma. Basically free of hassle provided you can defeat the enemy over and over.