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All it takes... is a parry
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And all it takes is a poorly timed parry, or 300ms ping
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6 million souls... all of them... gone...
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Hopefully by casting 12.000 climaxes? No? Just one?

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Reduced to atoms...
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It's illegal to question this in France.
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Germany (colorised) when asked about the Jews [1945]
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6 millions is impossible
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ok so storytime real fast, i was farming memory of orro and i forgot to unequip climax bc i thought i would never be stupid enough to use it but i was lazy enough to not unequip it so i farm that **** for like 2 or 3 hours getting like 500k souls per run and thats a lot so i do this **** straight for like 2 or 3 hours and im here chillin at the bonfire not resting at it tho with like 40m souls and at that point i was like lvl 250 smth like that and i had to go eat and after that i stayed a bit on tiktok bc i was exausted and i didnt have the ring that collects your souls bc i didnt know how to extract souls from it so im chillin there and i get invaded so i think its some npc but no i was a player that was around my soullvl and i panic bc i knew that at that lvl you have strong hexes why i know that, bc thats what i was going for, a huge ****ing tank that has 70 strengh and can use powerful hexes for my ng+3 so back to it i get invaded and im randomly scrollin trough my hexes and I THINK THAT I CHOSE great resonant soul to use but i actually picked climax and ofc i killed him but guess ****ING WHAT... i had 0 souls...this **** happened a week ago and im still mad at myself for not going to majula and chillin there
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The legendary 1 sentence paragraph. I never thought I'd truly see it
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What is this "punctuation" you speak of?
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Ouch, harsh :(
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Stopped on tiktok
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TikTok user... well deserved
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Serves you right for using tiktok at all, let alone mentioning it in your life story
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if it does maximum damage at 5000 why does it need all your souls? its just excessive.
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By SlaveKnightKos
It is designed to end the fight, so if it can't do that it just cripples you
By Anonymous
To make in non-spammable, obviously. You cast it once, spend all souls, and cant cast it again (unless you eat a soul, which takes quite the time in fight).
By kingofbloodcovenant
it's designed to end a fight. Imagine if it didn't have the soul requirement. you get invaded then sob to ur self as this man spams a 5000 damage spell at you and your doomed if it hits you (with low dark defence) and then when he runs away to replenish spells you run up to him and he get you with WOG when (you think) he uses a spell to buff
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You know, the only real defense against this spell outside of dodging it is to be of the Dark yourself. Had a one-on-one with another Hexer in Belfry Sol and we got hit by each other's Climax. Survived it with about 4% of HP because of the raw dark defense you get from leveling up INT and FTH along with decent max HP (1900 - 2000).
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"we got hit by each other's Climax"
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quite the dark souls-ism
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... and now you're happily married.
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I rather git gud than be an edgelord.
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Further proof that chimes are a waste of souls
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i disagree at end game youll have too many souls that you cant spend to level up so its worth using it
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This Hex is part of the reason why my characters always have a +10 Dark Rebel's Greatshield on standby
By Voidmaster
the 3 resonant soul spells are basically DS2's version of "throw money at problems to deal with them"
By Anonymous
The resonant soul hex's use hardly any souls