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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

where to find it
Pilgrims of Dark covenant- go through all three dungeons and then kill the dark lurker to get Climax as well as some other rewards!
I repaired the damage as best as I could so somebody in charge should look this over ("notes"!) and lock this page asap.
I'm gonna write a petition to bring this to Dark Souls 3.
True Dark Magic.
say i had 100,000 souls and i used this would i do more if i had 1,000,000 souls or does the damage scaling stop at a certain point?
Max damage with 5000 souls so, from 5001 to 99999999 and more, there will be no difference.
I believe there's an effect limit, where after said point, having more and more souls only adds a tiny bit of damage
Old Notes from previous revisions of this page before vandalism:

Consumes ALL held souls upon casting of the spell. Maximum damage at 5000 souls cost. An upgrade to Great Resonant Soul, its damage is increased by roughly 180%. This spell deals the highest damage in game.
Strategy: Use Bonfire Ascetic to farm Soul of a Brave Warrior or Giant Lord Soul at different locations in game, effectively getting a supply of 5000 souls for casting the spell at any time.
Deals more poise damage than Great Resonant Soul, ignores Dark Transgressor's Leather Shield even when it's fully upgraded, can be identified by its distinctive sound upon flying by.
Giant Lord Soul gives 25000 on consumption, not 5000--seems more prudent to just farm Brave Warriors than blow an extra 20K for no benefit.

I mean, 20K is small potatoes after a point and would be a marginal loss for those wasted souls, but taking the time to continuously kill the Lord as opposed to simply getting multiple Brave Warriors off of corpses seems more labor-intensive than the process ought to be.
You mean Souls of a Giant, right?
900k soul gone, can't even take down the first Drakekeeper in the Dragon Shrine. F***
Why exactly did you use it while holding 900k souls? Even if it had killed the drakekeeper that would not be worth it
When you don't realize 5k souls is the damage scaling limit
Does muffdiver mc*****stick give you another copy of these spells on NG+? I just did all the things and beat the darklurker on NG+ and all I got was another dragon chime.
Nvm. Got the info I needed from another wiki. (btw you don't get another it wasn't just a bug on my end)
I think that if this spell reaches max damage at 5000 souls, then its cost should max out at 5000 for big game hunting.
yes, a spell dealing 2500+ damage on a hex build should be even easier and less costly to use, good idea
Then the damage would need to be nerfed, and then you'd be crying about that.
I completed all three dungeons and killed darklurker but I didn't get climax. Why?
Talk to Darkdiver Granhdal
Same thing just happened to me, I got 'great resonant soul' hex instead when I spoke to him! I failed against the boss but I'm definitely rank 3
If this happens then travel to a different Granhdal location. Example: You killed darklurker using the Black Gulch abyss and he gave you great resonant soul, now travel to either the shaded forest abyss or dragleic abyss and speak to him there and he should give you Climax.
Hello, i also beat darklurker and then talked to the Darkdriver guy in every of the 3 locations still didnt get climax??? why?
He will give You great rezonant soul of You talk to him after beating the FIRST chasm. Then If You talk to him after the last one, he'll give it to you. If you don't talk to him before the last one the You can say goodbye to climax
Why the ***** did "blubbber32" vandalize this page?!? Im just a random so i cant fix their bull*****revision. And they have a video?!? What the actual ***** dude.



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The page is already fixed, but for future reference everyone can edit and revert pages.
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