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Put on the Tsedora set, Coventous Silver Serpent ring, and farm the Rupturing Hollows by Straids Cell…it nets about 2,000 souls per run, and if your quick it takes barely one minute(if your running a caster build), also the hollows are completely non-hostile, so don’t worry about dying.
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try killing old iron king/the robby rotten if you have the bonfire ascetics, they are easy to get the hang of, and you get 100k just from the consumable souls. Easy early game money!
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about the 6 stone knights remaining

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In my blind playtrough I chose the Lower Garrison bonfire in the Ivory King DLC. The Witchtree Mages, or whatever they are called, are incredibly easy to rush and kill in melee. I burned a bonfired ascetic, then joined Covenant of Champions and killed those three mages over and over for a couple of hours while listening to a podcast.

Each one was dropping 4688 souls while wearing the Nahr Alma Hood + Nahr Alma Robes + Jester's Gloves + Tseldora Trousers, IIRC, plus some witch tree branches every now and then. There is a door right past them that leads to the inner courtyard with golems and ice porcupines, so you can try rushing there, killing the inactive golem for around 10k souls at bonfire intensity 2 and wearing the farming set.

Still, farming the Giant Lord is just the best when you already have gotten to level 200 or so, you can farm the Soul Spear in the Bridge Approach bonfire, get some 6 or 7 of those, respec into a caster and go kill that giant while using Drummond to keep him busy while you destroy him with your previously acquired witch tree branch.
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I think the best farming locations are Belfry Sol and Iron keep
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Ivory king isn't too bad a farm either, if you get used to his attack patterns
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Whi the hell thought this was a good idea... I had to join covenant of the champions. It makes the game harder but going to a boss with a cap of souls per phase without possibility of obtaining more is harder.
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Talk to the cat back home, you can leave the coc
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Hey Uhm a better way for twinkling titanite is join COC then shrine of Amana, it is way easier than the method stated above, I got over 40 twinkling titanite and roughly 10-15 levels (I got there around level 150) it’s an easier location to fight in and no need for bonfire ascetics which is great!
By Anonymous
this is a soul farm method mainly, the twinkling titanite is just a by product.
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fighting Giant Lord, it might be worth it to get captain drummond in on the fight. i summon him and he runs straight through the two giants in the way and takes all of the giant lord's attacks. i use dark orb spam to kill him, and drummond makes it way easier to use all of my stamina at once instead of constantly stopping to dodge attacks (i stay on the platform to the left, it's pretty easy to dodge from up there)
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The highest amount of souls per hour should be closer to 15 Million if you ascetic Giant Lord, grab the ascetic in the memory and go straight to fighting him. The fastest I’ve been able to do it is 1:49 but im averaging around 2:20.
His attacks are all telegraphed by his left leg, unless its the forward slash but that wont hit you unless youre way out of position. Just stand directly under his balls and move to the leg that isnt stomping when he does that and watch for the tell on the rotating slash he does(he will lift his heel up before rotating). If you just walk thru his legs to his frontside he wont hit you with that attack. Try and steer him away from the walls and GG.