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By Anonymous
you didn't include that walking has parry frames, but if you move while targeting something, it will reflect spells (it will reflect shrine of amana priestesses shots; no further testing)
By Anonymous
The real reward for beating the sunken king dlc. Comes with a free crown! Also, the parry thing is working in Sotfs. I bounced ten shots with my mace of Insolence. I'm not that lucky to have 50% 10 times in a row. Trust me.
By Anonymous
So for me the red phantoms in frigid outskirts almost always get the rings effects. Idk what the true percentage is, but whenever Feeva or I tried to attack them with spells, they got deflected. Or it's just, "let's make the ****tiest area in DS history even more BS by adding spell resistant NPCs on NG+ cycles." And before you ask, I complete every NG cycle with all bosses, even Lud & Zallen so no evading that for me.
By Anonymous
Maybe try melee if you notice that spells are not working?
By Anonymous
Is the affected by the bracing knuckle ring?
By Anonymous
"Grants the ability of spellparry for all weapons, shields and greatshield bash."
This is completely untrue and was proven so 3 years ago. Why is it still here?