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By Anonymous
if you are trying to get the cool animation when you do his fight without taking any damage, good luck
currently trying and i dont think i have ever given this many attempts on a single boss
(i have 8 ADP using sacred chime hammer +5)
By Anonymous
upgrade adaptability
By Anonymous
When he does his upwards slash move, just roll backwards. When he does his stab with the magic around his sword, roll right not left. Going left will have a high chance of getting sucked back in to the stab animation.
By Anonymous
This page doesn't mention it, but I'm pretty sure his sword gets a damage boost as well as doing bleed after buffing it from catching you with his dark-imbued impaling thrust attack.
By Anonymous
immune to poison
By Anonymous
He can be poisoned, but his poison resistance is just really high.
By Anonymous
Hand it over that thing, your cool armor, for my newest drip
By Anonymous
Use the two invocations to distract him while you strike him from time to time with a physical weapon. Block with your shield or roll/dodge untill they focus back to the summons. Embue with dark resin for better result. Use raw weapon if you are "mage" oriented so that you can deal a decent ammount of physical damage. One summon survived.
By Anonymous
Not too bad if you stay close to him and watch the positioning. It gets nasty if you try to get some distance to heal.
By Anonymous
The music for this fight goes so damn hard
By Anonymous
this guy would be insanely hard if he had a moveset of sekiro's bosses
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If he starts doing the Waterfowl Dance, I'm out
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By Jarka
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Swing a thin Katana blade, but has hitboxes of a hammer... ::sigh::
By Anonymous
He's wielding a Nagamaki not a Katana, it's way WAY longer than any Katana, of course he's gonna have quite a bit of reach on his swings
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