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By L4G
Fun boss fight, but the run-up is horrible. It reminds me of Iron Keep run-up but somehow worse.
By Anonymous
Why are people complaining about then run-up? Just run past all the enemies lol. Worked perfectly for me. The knights start backing off at the fog door and you can heal up/buff up there. Sometimes 1 guy stays and shoots arrows at you but he can be dealt with.
By Anonymous
overrated as ****, repetitive attacks, grab that doubles as a buff, **** hitboxes, let's not mention the runup and uninspired design. i think he would be an alright boss in DS3, where he would most likely be parriable/ripostable, and i really wonder why he isn't to begin with
By Anonymous
Currently on my first DS2 run, I tried various strategies for clearing the enemies before him, but ended up just sprinting past them all and rushing the fog. Usually only took one lifegem to heal and Alonne gives you plenty of time to heal once you enter his room. Way better than slogging through all those copy-paste-paste-paste knights
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By Conde_Nado
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you can't complain about the way because sir alonne planned this room as a challenge to the iron king
By ConcernedCitizen
The following route will allow you to get through the run up to Alonne with minimal fuss. It takes about 4-5 minutes.

Kill the first Alonne Knight, then run up enough to aggro the next one and lure him back towards the stairs, out of the path of the fire. When he's dead, run into the door on the right and kill the fire salamander. As soon as it dies, walk forward and drop into the main chamber. Two Alonne knights will be following right behind you, and you can turn around and dispatch them safely in this wide open area.

Next, run up the left side of the room until the Alonne Knight in the center (near the captain) aggros. Kill him, then walk a little bit forward until you can see another Alonne Knight across the hall in the doorway leading to the right-side salamander. He will walk over to you. You know what to do. Now run up the center passage just enough to get the captain's attention (or shoot him if you like) and lure him towards you. He'll do his predictable attack. Roll through it and try to backstab him. Failing that, just pound him into the dirt.

Now for the lizards. Run across the hall and into the last room on the right. Kill the beast, then walk forward, turn right, and follow the long hallway to the second lizard's butt. Smack it. Drop down into the hole and you're in part two.

Run down the stairs and through the doorway, but then immediately backtrack into the stairwell. Two knights will show up here. Take em out single file. Once they're dead, leave the room and walk straight forward to the pillar directly ahead. Wait there for a second. On the left side, one of the bowmen will start rushing forward. When he gets to the corner of the alcove on the left, run over there and fight him in it. Chances are, another knight will show up a few seconds after he dies. Kill him, too. Careful not to knock them into the hole in the floor -- it just makes things annoying. Pop out (stay on the left side up here) and see if there are any stragglers left. If not, continue forward on the left to the next alcove which has stairs going down.

This next part is optional. You can just go straight to Alonne now if you don't want to clean up the three remaining enemies below.

In the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, you will see a knight with his back turned to you. If you try to backstab him, you will get a faceful of greatarrow from the guy across the hall, so just get his attention and run back up the stairs. Kill him. Run back down, the bowman may or may not have followed. If he did, great. Kill him. If not, run into the center of that hallway and hide behind the pillar. He'll draw his sword and then you can just take him out. Walk into the doorway he was guarding and circle around the final lizard's butt. Stab stab stab.

Everyone's dead and it was (relatively) painless. Yay! Now kill Alonne or you'll have to do it all over again.

P.S. - I actually advise against taking the summons. They're a nuisance and they only make things harder (especially the boss!) Alonne becomes ultra powerful with them in the fight, and they always get hit by his dark sword move -- so he's constantly buffed and shredding everything.
By Anonymous
The run up and the boss made me lose all of my effigies, so I alt+f4'ed and uninstalled the game. The next day I beat him second try. 40% weight, Chloranty Ring +1, Life Ring +3, Third Dragon Ring, Soldier's Ring +1, Velstadt's Set, Estoc +10, and that floral shield everyone loves. Rolled to his left hand, poked him twice, rinse and repeat.
He is on the faster side as a boss, but he is manageable, granted you have the stamina.
The run up could be made easy. Bait the first knight, kill him. Take the hallway to the left that faces the first lizard. Walk, don't run. Backstab the weeb. Jump down, WALK further, kill the aggroed weeb, the one behind the column should remain unaggroed. Kill him too, and stick to the left wall. The archer should get aggroed and run towards you. Kill that ***. Bait the elite weeb, go back, kill him. Bait the lizard so it shoots, wait and run, jump down.
On exit from the hallway, two weebs get aggroed, go back inside and kill them. Run to the right wall/pocket. Weebs will come aggroed one by one, or some will remain with bows, it is inconsistent. Heal and go to the boss.
By Anonymous
Boss is ruined with that absolute mongoloid of a run up. Whoever the **** at From Software thought it was a good idea putting that many enemies before a boss deserves to be shot in the foot and fired.
By Anonymous
What is up with this guy's aggro? The two NPC summons can be glued to him, constantly attacking him and yet he would rarely focus on them and instead would constantly target me, a squishy sorcerer.
By Anonymous
It's a bold strategy Cotton
By Anonymous
do the enemies outside his room despawn eventually?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Can confirm that they do (fortunately). It's not a long run-up, but the gank is annoying. So despawning every enemy is a good strat, like with many other bosses.
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