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By Anonymous
Run up to the boss is not as bad as I thought it would be. Only needed to use 2 Estus to heal back. At least the enemies stop aggroing you once you hit the fog wall.
By Anonymous
he literally did his swipe dash like 6 times in a row leading to me almost no-hitting him. fume is 100% better than this dude both in difficulty and enjoyment.
By Anonymous
Sir Alonne of the Spotless Floors
By Anonymous
You drink estus?!? Dishonorable!
By Anonymous
This boss might be my only complaint in the entire game. With a heavy build it’s incredibly hard to not get grabbed. Did Fume Knight first try (although I had beaten it when the game released).
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Probably the hardest DS2 boss. No idea why no one ever mentions him even though he's adjacent to the Fume knight who people love to talk about.
By Anonymous
Because unlike Fume Knight, you can actually block his attacks without taking chip damage. And Fume Knight has a more diverse move pool that’s harder to predict.
By Anonymous
I hate this boss so much. Edgy anime guy with japanese buttering knife. Horrible runup. Would be amongst the easier ones if not for a grab attack with a hitbox size of a bathtub. I even prefer the blue Smelter over this, the run for me is much more managable than most people (I always just roll through the gates) and the hitboxes are at least accurate.
By Anonymous
Good boss, one of the best in DS2. But the run-up is annoying. It’s possible to just run through although you might have to chug an estus or two along the way. Or then just clear the area 12 times with your summons. But if that isn’t you, the boss fight is pretty trivially easy with the two summons you get. After Fume, you’ll notice that a shield is pretty useful here too.

I wish they’d added some kind of shortcut mechanism here. Really, I don’t get why they insisted on such annoying run-ups to bosses in this game.
By Anonymous
Probably because unless you're part of Champions enemies eventually stop respawning. Doesn't excuse it, but I can easily see them going "nah we don't need a shortcut they're just farm the run up over and over."
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