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I read by many players that this is an extremely hard boss. I got in there with my arced sword+5 and no shield for mobility, which is required. For me this guy was nothing... beat him on the 2nd go. I’m not here to brag, fume knight killed me a good 40 times. But Alonne has no AoE bullcrap, no 2nd phase, just a plain samurai that you need to dodge right. Once you do, you punish. Easiest boss in the DLC’s for me so far
you're so funny
Anyone willing to assist Lastkingazz Going for platinum trophy last thing needed for the plat All help is appreciated
Have you succeed
Git gud you casual
Who is Sit Alonne And Why is he Alonne
what is it with ds2 and the terribly long run ups to bosses... *****ing gets on my nerves boss is cool btw
Couldn’t agree more.
Took me like 15 tries to finally be able to read his telepoting weaboo attacks. Fun boss but that area is worse than as s cancer
****ing boring boss make you feel your slower than snail
Hey i mean at least his run up isn’t the blue smelter demons
super easy, disappointing fight