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Second time fighting him I used two Lightening Old Whips (with a durability of only 40 I equipped them both and swapped them mid-fight.) I got him within one hit of death…but got greedy and he taught me a lesson about the virtues of patience. I also used a Dark Quartz ring +3, the Simpleton’s ring for the (extra I frames, Bracing Knuckle Ring +2, and Ring of Steel Protection, and the Mad Warrior Mask for the adaptability bonus. Seems to be a good combination for this boss. Onto round 3 I say!
Katana Lunge if you evade by pressing the combination up and left then you can dodge boss attacks easily. NG+8 Katana Jump Stab 1hit=ko. The scene was too dark and sir was like a cockroach so fast I always dodged on the feeling because I couldn't see everything clearly... More than 15 minutes to take down the boss, tired of both my hands.
His Life Drain is a *****ing joke. If you are too close to him you HAVE to dodge it perfectly or it will hit you even if you are behind him. I managed to dodge behind or beside him multiple times and you still get teleportet right into his sword because the hitbox is covering his whole model. Even if it obviously missed you the game don't *****ing cares about the fact that a Katana shouldn't have the same hitbox as an Ultra-Greatsword.
try to scroll to the right.
He also has a kick attack like you could do in DS1.
His lunging uppercut will go through shields a little bit, so if you're trying for a no-damage seppuku run, it's over if he chips you with that.
For anyone still struggling with this boss. Keep your distance and wait for him to go into his 'I'm gonna fly towards you and stab you stance'. When he flies towards you, or well before it dodge backwards. The boss will fly to the location where you were, so basically you won't get hit by that move ever. Then walk up to him slap him, walk away, and bait him again. If you find yourself close to him dodge right towards him, give him a slap and try to get distance. Use a fast weapon, and don't be greedy. Good luck.
the only problem i have is the*****ty runup because the phantoms are half dead when i get to alonne himself and when you die once you have to do all that***** again i know they cant put a bonfire there because its a memory but they could've put the fight right after the big room with the pillars and the lizards
kill the first floor on your own then summon the npcs, makes em survive a bit longer or actually until the end of the fight if youre a tank who can defend
Imo he's more fun without phantoms and you can always despawn enemies on the way. It can take some time but he's one of the good bosses for challenging yourself.
tbh, hardest boss in the game for a sorcerer (me personally at least). i could solo fume knight but this guy, i didnt even try. i respecced into a str build and used them summons
Melee players, just like the Fume Knight you need to go light with a rapier and be aggressive. Keep close to him and you will be able to tell what strike he's going to use. Moreover, he won't be using his hard strikes, as he's scripted to use them when there's a bit of a distance between you. Go light, go aggressive and roll towards him and slightly to you right (2 o'clock), you will be landing behind his back that way every time with a window for 2-3 strikes or for chugging an estus. Don't get greedy, keep your cool, strafe and roll towards him and you will prevail.
Fume knight was a piece of piss compared to this guy.
NO,HE WAS NOT(50 tries untill i killed fume)
I honestly agree Sir Alonne hardest boss in the game, the sun got in my eyes while I was fighting him.