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By Anonymous
Its kinda stupid how hard, cryptic and overly rng-based it is to get this set in the Vanilla version of this game, 2 changes that I'm very grateful for in Scholar of the First Sin is the fact that this set is much more openly obtainable since you can find the whole set in the Gutter, and the fact that you can actually properly farm for the Heide Knight armour.
By Anonymous
hey my “invisible set” is very much visible, I think it is because I chose the smaller character model as it appears to be clipping on the legs. Can someone else check on their game (and no it is not the visible version, i just got it from maughlin).
By Anonymous
The invisible one is definitely the better of the two since it weighs very little, gives good defenses and has the bonus effect of increasing your weight limit.
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anyone else having format problems?
By Anonymous
Sour Ron
By Anonymous
Aurous set = Sauron set
They just rearranged the letters of the name and flipped the N to make a U. But I am sure that is obvious for most. I want to get my hands on the visible set of this armor :)