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-farm them before you ***** up the burnt ivory king, drop rate is much higher
-at a certain point, the knights will stop dropping their equipment and drop solely loyce souls. This is related to the amount of their equipment you have in your inventory. DO NOT SELL OR PUT THEIR EQUIPMENT IN YOUR ITEM BOX!!
- Use ring of life protection to farm these efficiently, killing yourself before you fight the king. The knights that need to be farmed drop much souls and make repairs easy.
A few tips from my experience with farming:
Do NOT summon any NPC or players - you can use Aged Feather before Burnt Ivory King (Queen) appears, to go back.
Use Symbol of Avarice and the rest Prisoner Tatters set (makes the drop rate higher)
Rings: Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2 (higher drop rate), Ring of Binding (if hollowed, halves the HP missing, so you dont have to waste Human Effigies), Ring of Restoration (almost completely negates Symbol of Avarice). I recommend Covetous Silver Serpent Ring as fourth ring, as this is a very good way to farm souls (I have about 20 000 souls per fight WITHOUT the ring)
Do not sell their Equipment, as mentionet before. After you have about 5 pieces of every equip (not shiled and weapons), drop rate of souls is much, much higher (i had about 0.25 soul per fight before the equip, now i have about 2 per fitght)
The Loyce Knights are more a distraction, then any useful help (low damage + they tend to stay out of the fight for like ever) so if you arent a ninja, use shield with low stamina damage.
When you start, wait for your Loyce Knights to rally on one enemy Knight (they target the one in the middle - mostly pyromancer - about 80% times) and follow them. You should kill him immediatly, wich makes the fight very easier, as you have enough time to finish the two others before another appears.
The Souls usually comes in bunches, so if you picked up one or two, and the fight is in its earlier parts, try not to die, there will be more.
And (I am not sure about this one) but the souls seems to drop more, when you are completely hollow (not sure if you have bigger luck or smth, but dont waste human effigies, it isnt worth it)
Recomended weapon - Red Iron Twinblade
I hope you fing my tips usefull :)
Nice thanks for that help i will use that weapon but i try my + 10 twinblade with lighting damage or my santoers spear
i killed alslanna with bow got her soul the ice was destroyed by itself but mauglhin doesnt shows set of the ivory king
She have to be alive to buy Ivory King Armor...
oh i meant santiers spear oh and i already have one helmet and 2 leggings hopefully i can get souls soon from them
"In Scholar of the First Sin, joining the covenant of champions makes the knights spawn infinitely. (Doesn't seem to work after Burnt Ivory King is killed)" it works.
^ Why kill yourself before you fight the king when you could just use the Aged Feather?
I farm loyce souls with people but if the boss comes I put my normal gear on and kick his *** do people really leave?
I farm loyce souls with people but if the boss comes I put my normal gear on and kick his *** do people really leave?
DO NOT separate yourself from a host world b/c you are farming loyce souls. abandoning some1 who needs help with the boss for your own selfish reasons is a MAJOR ***** move. If you are a world master looking for help with the boss--DO NOT summon any1 wearing jester's cap or symbol of avarice; these people WILL abandon you!
its just as fast and doesn't require a ring slot or repair
and when does this apply? i mean i have like between 20 and 25 of each item they can drop and it still drops more gear than souls.
In SoTFS, joining the covenants of champions actually makes them spawn infinitely even after the Burnt Ivory King is killed. (I'm farming Souls right now) It's harder to fight them but atleast you can still fight them.
Can Confirm that they do respawn infinitely if you have joined the Company of Champions. Was farming them without, and after a while, all three gates would light on fire, but only one would produce a knight.

Tip: Use the stone ring along with a fast yet strong weapon with a wide swing (Marakumo for example) to hit multiple of them at the same time.
Item discovery rate actually harms you here. The lower it is the better your chances if finding souls instead of
Complete *******. Yes, you will initially get a lot of trash, but if you don't sell it, then after 5-6 of any item, enemies will no longer drop it. dropping instead the only item they can, which after a while will be the loyce soul.
"Comeplete *******" my ***. Instead of dropping*****, they're dropping absolutely nothing.
If I will go to NG+ will souls remain in my inventory? Btw If they do,will 50 still be enough to have full Loyce set,and soul of Alsanna?
As of now, I think the answer is no. I got 50 souls and i didnt get the king armor because i killed the man who sells it. I went to the next playthrough and talked to her and didnt get anything.

I need to know, if i get 50 souls in this ng can i get the king armor? Ordid i screw myself completely?
I will have response in a few days...
dude weed lmao
Yes, you keep them


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ok first of all.. the loyce armor its only in 35 souls. then if u dont want the burnt set u can kill her and get the soul... second if u want the burnt set u need to get the 50 and then go to maughlin the armorer to buy it..
Don't allow your soul memory to get too high either, I'm at 12.5m and I can't join anybody, 2 souls off as well
I'm farming these in my first playthrough without using bonfire acetics to revive the burnt ivory king. I've been noticing that the charred knights I kill, the number of "blank" portal animations I get go up. Right now I'm standing in the Old Chaos and every now and then I'll see the portals flare up, but half of the time no enemy will spawn. I wonder if this is a bug in the SOTFS edition, or if it's possible to totally clear the Old Chaos of enemy respawns.
I'm on reg 360 version and same for me, I have 3 portals and now I only get 2 knights at a time..
I believe this is because after the ivory king, it only spawns so many knights until you rest at a bonfire again. So when it runs out of knights the fire affect still goes off as if they were to appear. If you join the CoC I think they spawn indefinitly
This was a mistake by FROM. The idea in theory is cool but with ever decreasing drop rates and (in my opinion) an absurdly high amount of these souls needed it just takes the game from fun and challenging, to tedious and boring. Not really looking to waste 100 runs just to collect 50 items so i can access other items.
This sadly has a long tradition in souls games. Farming for upgrade material is one thing, but with the incredibly low drop rates of some gear or - like in this case - loyce souls farming is just a huge pain. It's a game goddamnit, not a job.
Dark Souls is allowed to be tedious and boring, thats fun sometimes. Remember that this is not mandatory, this is optional for a reason. really want that loyce armor, you'r going to have to work for it. I'm tired of people saying that loyce souls were a mistake, be happy they even put the armor in the game fools. I had a good time, ate some food, watched youtube, farmed some loyce souls, got the armor, Just be in perspective. The reward is worth it, fashion souls all the way.
And if anyone thinks this as tedious as a job, then they havn't worked a tedious job, suck it up and quit whining guys, think it's a lot of work, you can stop at any moment. If any of you played monster hunter you'd understand. Farming can be fun too, if it's not your thing then stop, this game is ment for everyone.