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I don't think this spell is any better than Replenishment, and perhaps it's worse. It heals the same amount, except it's over one minute instead of two. Seeing as how this is a spell that's usually performed before a tough fight, the first few seconds of it will be wasted, since there's a brief time span before your first hit taken. That waste is larger with Resplendent Life. In short, any fight longer than two minutes is best started with Replenishment, while any fight shorter than two minutes is best served by Resplendent Life.
Yep, theres no better one. All depends of the situation. In PvE versus bosses i pick Replenishment, but for arenas on PvP i prefer Resplendent Life. So, Replenishment for PvE and R. Life for PvP are better suitable.
also you need two slots for one copy
Another worthless spell, and likely non-functional as well