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Farming the Imperfect (Dinosaur monsters) by the third bonfire is by far the easiest way. They have an insanely high drop rate with serpent ring +1 and Symbol of Avarice. Additionally, they also drop titanite slabs and Dragon Scales!
thats not random
its always
the imperfect for me dropped more slabs and scales than petrified dragon bones
SOTFS randomly drops from Wyvern in Heide tower of flames
1 Petrified Dragon Bone is located near Straid in Lost bastille it is locked door to the right it can be opened with the Bastille Key found in Belfry Luna.
thats not random
its always
The easiest way to farm these Petrified Dragon Bones is, i believe, is in Dragon Aerie. Yes, you have to burn Bonfire Ascetic every time, but in the first "cave" you go into, there is everytime new Bonfire Ascetic on the first corpse. In first Wyvern nest, on the right side is the first one (dropped from Crystal Lyzard). Two more bones on right side before you enter second Wyvern nest on corpse and one more is dropped from one Crystal Lyzard in the second Wyvern nest. So its 4 Petrified Dragon Bones almost for free.
Using a bonfire astetic on the tower of prayer won't affect the elana fight will it?
yeah it willl
I tried the ascetic farm and none of the chests reset
Wooden chest respawn but not iron chest when you use a bonfire ascetic. Atleast, that's what I learned from my bro.
Because whoever made this guide is an idiot.
you can also get rare/boss weapons from the crows if you trade
1 is behind locked door next to Straid
He is correct. For SOTFS version of course.
There is one on the body on the broken wooden stairs in Iron Keep aswell. At least there was in ng+2 .
Wiki says Dragon Sanctum. It's actually Sanctum City, and the bones are in an iron chest.
You are a scumbag liar.