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Looking at the stats you'll realize that his helmet and chest piece have the same weight and the same stats but it's his shoes that weigh more and have higher defenses. I believe that the developers accidentally got the stats for his shoes and his chest piece mixed up.
I think that happened
I think that happened
Or maybe it's because he's just **** crazy
mhea, who knows. hes an explorer and at that time you yould consider stout shoes the best thing you could have.
The weights have been switched back in a patch
The chest piece is a good choice for a ranger build or look
I don't know why, but this armor set seems very slightly like Dirk the Daring's armor from Dragons Lair... Someone needs to make a mod to remove the cape, and change the coloring of this suit of armor, just for laughs.
that would be hilarious, love that game.
Version next gen Cale's helm add +1 endurance and +2 dex
Sorry but this side is outdated in my opinion pls list the bonfires you need to get the set as I do not see which bonfire is left to get the set and be able to go on with Navlans sidequest. As far as I remembered it from DS2 normal version you get it without difficulty while I feel in Sotfs it is a big mess what conditions you have to met. Does regular bonefires include dlc bonefires as well? If yes you really need to update it and mention it somewhere. The bonefire side of the wiki is also a big mess as the bonefirelist sometimes sum all the bonefires of a dlc than for another dlc it is based on the actual ingame list which has a few single bonefires listed.
You can kill him and get the rest of the set form that old lady in Majula, but the wiki forgot to add that
Lit every bonfire but he isnt giving me anything. Just repeats the same stuff.