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By zerothemighty
There is also an enchanted falchion on a corpse at the top of the stairs.
By Anonymous
i got broads in atalanta
By Anonymous
Doesn't say how to get there.
By Anonymous
To enter Belfry Luna a Pharros Lockstone is required (You can find one of these in Sinners Rise). The entrance is to the left of the Servant's Quarters Bonfire, lit after defeating the Ruin Sentinel in the Lost Bastille. Head down the ladder next to the bonfire and watch out for the dog behind the barrels.
By Anonymous
Only found a human effigy in SotFS where the enchanted falchion was supposed to be
By Anonymous
Isn't that really preferable?
By Anonymous
I'm playing sotfs and I found the falchion, so I think you must have looked in the wrong spot or something
By Anonymous
Are you sure that wasn't just the Effigy you get for beating the Dark Spirit that appears there? It can cover the regular item notification.
By Anonymous
there seems to be a "one friendly summon only" restriction in Belfry Luna, as well as dark spirits being able to freely invade you regardless of how hollowed you are.
By Anonymous
you need to use a Pharaoh's stone in the Servant's bonfire downstairs room
By BalThaZzor
you must use a pharaoh's stone in the room beneath servant's fire in bastille
By Anonymous
anything about the creepy scream ?
By Anonymous
I need the map layout, the enemy positions, item locations, a full video walkthrough and some tips for this place. If your a casul that is, git gud scrub.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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