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Why is Durgo's Hat not mentioned on this page?
I recommend poisoning the backstabbing white phantom that initially acts so friendly. If you simply maim him, he will run away and heal. So at very least, clear the area of enemies before killing him.
Where's the catarina knight armor as well?
Also no mention of the Splintering Lightning Spear. I can't see how to edit the walkthrough section since it is an embedded widget, but I would suggest changing the second paragraph of the second bullet under 'Finding the Eleum Loyce Knights' to the following:

At the top of the spiral stairs there are three paths to take. This first is to the left, the one you took the first time you went through this area. If you take this left path, go left in the small building as before and then right you will reach a tower. Opening the door you will find several dogs and a corpse with some loot. Going around the outside of tower will lead to a ladder (invisible without the Eye of the Priestess). Climb this ladder to access the upper floor of the tower which contains a chest with the Splintering Lightning Spear miracle. The second is to the right and have two enemies stading by ballistas and a Pharros Contraption at the end. Activate the Pharros Contraption in order to access Durgo's Hat via an illusory wall directly to the Contraption's left. The third is straight ahead, take that one to get to the Knight. Go down the stairs and kill the Lancer. Exit the building, turn left and go down the stairs. Watch out since the two Rampart Soldier across the courtyard might be shooting at you.
Masterless glencour is not listed under " NPC" but right next to steelheart ellie
who are those beggars in white robes?
Those are the retainers. They took care of the priestess before the whole chaos/king thing. Most of them backstab you but some cast spells.
Missing also description on how to access the area with many retainer rogues and the two flexile sentries. The items found there might or might not be listed on the page.

Anyhow, use torch to light the brazier in front of the double door that are at the end of the middle path right before the second bonfire. I'm not sure if the dark phantom is an NPC or if I got invaded while I was there.
Theres no Invader phantom there in PVE.
Yo, this place is off the hook funtime!
You missed one thing, before you go down for the Green Blossom and Crimson Water, go right first... There's a tower-like structure with hollow dogs inside, kill them then go up the circular stairway until you get to the destroyed part, go right and take the Soul-of-a-*I forgot*... A hollow soldier will go down from the upper part of the destroyed stairs, and attack you.
Actually that "tower-like structure" is where you get the Splintering Lightning Spear. There's an invisible ladder on it's side where you can climb up... You can climb down from the inside, down the broken stairway.
The ladder is frozen not invisible.
Kill the second back stab phantom immediately, or he will;
1. Run away and heal.
2. Run down to the Demon pit and make that fight harder.

In regards to the blob demon, don't roll near walls as the demon will roll onto you and get you stuck in the wall where you can not run away, which is an extremely frustrating animation lock.
After you open the door, feather back to bonfire, reset everything, then just head straight through big door to the demon. don't go back upstairs to trigger the ghost ******.
those crystal golems hit like friggin TRAINS
even though they're slow
The door downstairs after using the switch with the elevator of coffin leads to Soul Flash and the Northwarder set
I love consuming old bells