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By Anonymous
Does the Simpleton's ring increase I-frames?
By Anonymous
The video for the location made me sick, is it stabilized?
By Anonymous
I believe, that is improves your adaptability, small step for 120 agi.
By Anonymous
it increases your adaptability which increases your agility which increase the amount of i-frames you have (also it increase the speed you chug.)
By Anonymous
It adds 5 points of adaptability. So yes it can give you I frame or even 3 I frames if you never invested points in adaptability. In another words it gives you as many I frames as 5 more points of adaptability can + gives invisibility during rolls. Since adaptability governs also various resistances they are increased a little as well.
By Anonymous
RIP Coolio
By Anonymous
Why isnt this ring in the ting category?
By Anonymous
probably because it's a DLC item; it sortof seems like everyone jumped on BB instead of actually finishing the DLC guides - it's sortof hard to find a good one.
By Anonymous
this my ish
By Anonymous
If you have no DLCS you cannot aquire it
By flark
unless you play on xbox 360 or ps3, the dlc is included in every version
By Anonymous
Or ps4/ps5
By Anonymous
If your agility is already at 110, will it still increase with the ring?
By Anonymous
Just equip the ring while already having 110 agility and look at your stats
By Anonymous
The video location for this is a pain in the *** to watch. Please change it to a video that doesn't feel the need to use shakey cam the entire time...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"Ring only does one thing"
ring does two things