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By Anonymous
the links for Katanas and Piercing Swords both lead to the links for Curved Greatswords
gg fextra
By Anonymous
A few people have pointed out how the icons are the same as the ones on the ds3 page. But they haven't even changed it for icons of weapons that are not in this game. Looks like the B team made the wiki too.
By Anonymous
Man don't be rude and call the people doing this stuff for you the "B team" just appreciate this free service they provide you
By Anonymous
The b team made you.
By Anonymous
Clicking on the Thrusting Sword weapon category takes you to the Curved Greatsword page, Think that needs to be fixed
By Anonymous
Anybody know the weapons you can't obtain by only playing offline?
By Anonymous
Which weapons have 2 or more elemental damage?
By Anonymous
Anyone have a list with all the weapons that (can) have S scaling?
By Anonymous
20 is the lowest durability?
By Anonymous
I wish DS2 was more active and they expanded the world or something. I had so much fun playing with all the different weapons. So much great variety.
By Anonymous
Well, there are the DLCs.
By Anonymous
Gotta love how the weapon category icons are the exact same as the ones on the Dark Souls 3 wiki, yeah really putting some effort in there guys
By Anonymous
I finally got every single one upgraded to max with my 40,000 soul memory character. I can drop any weapon at max for someone with 0 souls
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