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Too many weapons, yet many of them have exactly the same moveset, with minor differences in stats
Only idiots would think this is better than DS3
The same applies to DS3 though... I see that you're a man of bias as well.
well in ds3 there are less weapons, and fewer movesets, so clearly ds2 beats ds3 in this case.
This statement is false, the main reason DS2 can compare to DS3 is that the weapon variety and special effects, with so many different ways to build makes it interesting
Yeah but each weapon has a different aesthetic. DS3 has plenty of it's own problems too.
Yeah, ds3 is a better game because it has weapons with special skills... sarcasm aside, that completely ignores ds3's horrendous battle system mechanics, the fact that dual is now restricted to a few weapons that weight too much, and that versatility of weapons have been reduced to "parry weapons now ONLY parry in the left hand." And that doesn't even go into parry frame data for ds3, which is so baffling in how it's programmed, it's supposed to be a faster game, yet most parries are slower than that of DS2, how does that make sense?

My point isn't that DS3 sucks, but by comparison, ds3 has many issues~
Vice versa idiot!
Would anyone mind giving me their weapons,armor,and rings I honestly at this point don't feel like farming. But if you're interested in doing so I'm on PS4 my PSN is Spankyunasty and my SM is 2.5 mil
RIP Black Knight Armour and Shield
So many builds, so little vessels
Why is there one of the categories "Dark Souls 3 weapons" and why does it link to the Dark Souls 3 wiki?
Why not?
Anyone have a full moon sickle they are willing to trade? the drop rate on it is atrocious even with the prisoners tatters and mask and covetous gold serpent ring +2 im on xbox one
I have one.
I got it plus the on ps3 with magic infused


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is moon butter fly set with +10 poison butterfly shield with a great-sword a good idea? it look's like it'll rack a lot of damage but i'm not sure.
So, question. I've got two characters, a warrior and a swordsman. For my first I have the red iron twinblade and at +10 it has 340 base damage. I just picked it up for my swordsman and it has only 180 at. +10.
it has to do with how the weapon scales dexterity and strength, make sure that both your characters have the same level strength and dexterity to get the same damage, thats how builds work.
Stats ?
becouse its a Strengh weapon
Mmm, it seems this site is also experiencing similar problems like ds3, so do us all a massive favour fextralife and fricken fix it so i can get the results i want!
The retainers’ staff is missing from this list; it is dropped from the mages in the Ivory Crown DLC (Confirmed on NG+)



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It's right there under "staves". "Retainer staff" ⚔️ Sekiro Wiki ⚔️ Monster Hunter World Wiki
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