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By BuildMan147
In hints and tips they say it goes from 509 to 569 with a ring of blades +2. It only adds 50. I don't want anyone to get the idea that it gets extra with this weapon.
By Anonymous
They fixed it.
By Anonymous
This weapon is annoying, i farmed and farmed for it because im getting 2 of every weapon in the game...its gonna take a while especially as i have to get 2 of covenant weapons(farm em on main character make a new character and farm for it on there then drop it for my main) but yea i farmed for drakekeepers weapons, greatshield of Glory and black dragon weapons and its the only thing i dont have 2 of, take note that i have 2 drakekeeper swords, great hammers, warpicks, their armour, the shield and 2 of each of the black dragons weapons, sword, warpick and i swear has a negative drop rate lmao
By Anonymous
Ohh yea also not mentioning i have conjured up over 3 million souls trying to get this weapon
By Anonymous
Congrats on the autism my man
By Anonymous
Dec 25 2021 Anon that was funny as hell. I literally laughed my a$$ of when I read that. Was absolutely thinking the same thing. Thanks for the laugh. Cheers.
By Anonymous
This is the most badass Lego sword in the game
By Anonymous
With flyns ring 609 damage!
By Anonymous
Arguably the best ultra for STR builds at meta level particularly for people who people who don't like the Greatswords moveset. The R2 in combination with the leo ring can hit for 1k damage. The durability is also very high, the biggest issue with this weapon is it's relatively low range, especially compared to the Greatsword, it also loses out on some damage ~70 AR.
By Anonymous
Man I wish this thing was way longer, it's really sexy looking and it has a very nice moveset, and is a good sidegrade to the Greatsword when it comes to strength builds, but boy could it do with being longer.
By Anonymous
i actually think it looks fine, i've always thought that the greatsword and zwei were a bit exagerated in their lenghts, so i think that having this being shorter than them makes it more "believable" especially when you put it in your back while two handing something on your offhand