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After defeating Merciless Roenna and obtaining the Undead Lockaway Key, there is a Butterfly enemy in a tree above where the key is found. Killing that butterfly drops an item on a ledge below the cliff you are standing on. Carefully drop down to that ledge to discover a Flamberge along with the Moss the Butterfly dropped.
The invader didn't drop a great sword when I killed him. I tried the bonfire reset but that didn't work. Any help?


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I've found that when the Undead Purgatory bonfire is ascetic'd (for the Chariot fight) the tower knight that respawns cannot be seen by summons. The knight aggros on summons, but causes no damage. Summons can't see him, nor deal any damage. Confirmed multiple times in my world with friends, and once in another player's world.
this page is labeled as huntsmans corpse, but its for sinners rise. and i cant seem to find the page with the hunters corpse walkthough
*copse though.


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Someone needs to fix the SotFS walkthrough of Huntsman Corpse. All that was added was Dark Invader Forlorn!!
Someone needs to fix the fact that the SofFS version is just a repeat of Sinners Rise. :/
dx11 walkthrough is the sinner's rise walkthrough, not the huntsman's copse one
also holy hell forlorn is tough
The first text says: "You need a minimum of 8 Intelligence and 8 Faith to access him" (Felkin the Outcast). The site Felkin the Outcast says: "Requires 10 Faith and Intelligence to use as a trainer". Something seems odd.
In DX11 is walkthroughs for Sinner's Rise...