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By AdamC
Great Armour, Expensive to Upgrade.(Twinkling)
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By The_Kraven
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Emmmm... what? I don't quite understand what exactly you mean.
By Anonymous
what is the price when u can buy it
By Anonymous
Although it needs twinkling trin. to upgrade, it's definitely a good set of armor, especially for pure strength characters.
By Anonymous
U don't buy it you get the helm as a gift from talking to Vengarls head for a while, and you get the set upon killing his headless body in the primal bonfire room after The Dukes Dear Freja
By Anonymous
SOOOOO I found out (sadly) if you manage to drop Vengarl's headless body into the river in Shaded Woods in Sotfs, you WILL lose the entire set, except the head piece (for obvious reasons). Although that DS3 is already released, I think that this should be added to the Wiki for completion's sake (I am going to test whether I can get the set if I uses a bonfire ascetic).
By Albert-382
I tried to join fextra for months since i noted that helm has a hidden effect that raises vitality by 2 points, not a big deal, but it still needed to be added
By season2003
Added to the notes, thanks for the info :)
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This armor set apparently changes the way you attack with left-handed slash/thrust weapons when you hold the two-hand button while you have another sword on the right hand
By Anonymous
the name of this thing is power stance
By Anonymous
Welp, armor description is absolutely incorrect. Can someone please fix?
By Anonymous
Fix it? This is Fextralife. Nothing gets fixed here.
By Anonymous
Problably the best defence for weight set
Took me to end
By Anonymous
Dank looking set if you ask me!
By Anonymous
Looks magnificent if you ask me
By Anonymous
The helm and chest piece combined with engraved gauntlets and smelter demon leggings provides all around protection.
By Anonymous
Wouldn't you use the Alonne knight leggings instead though since they offer almost identical resistances at +10, are much lighter, and don't require twinkling titanite like the rest of the set?
By Anonymous
"I just wanted the souls!!!"
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Nice reference bro