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By Anonymous
How effective is it with Bleed?
By Anonymous
Whoever changed the name to Foreskin Frog is my spirit animal.
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By Anonymous
infuse it with poison get it +5.At level 838 i got 268+100 poison.
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By Anonymous
how much dex to duel two of these?
By Anonymous
if the base requirement is multiplied by 1.5 when powerstancing then i would be 38 dex to wield these babies
By Anonymous
Ah yes, the cheese weapon. Dodge all you want, but one mistake and you gotta deal with the DoT.
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By Anonymous
now get ready for the spotted nae nae
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By EvilUnicornLord
In Dark Souls 3, this whip builds less poison than a poison-infused notched whip. Oh how far the mighty have fallen.
By Anonymous
But it does more physical damage and can be buffed...
By Anonymous
Wish they didn't nerf DS2 stuff in DS3 so badly. Flynn's Ring is useless unless you're naked, while in DS2 I can use light armor + Mastodon Halberd and get full bonus. And then there's this whip, which is terrible in DS3, where poison is already weaker. They really didn't want build variety in DS3.
By Anonymous
They catered to the complainers in ds3
By Anonymous
Power stancing these was so awesome in PVP, with those poison gauntlets from DLC and Stone ring. Every combo stuns them, and they'd be poisoned in 2 combos - 4 hits, and run behind a pillar to heal. :D Loved it, some of the best memories, it felt like it caught most people off guard.