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my lost sinner sword + 4 (not + 5)with 99 STR 58 DEX 99 INT 99 FAITH, 0 sin ,infusion magic,Rob+2 and Flynn ring hv 750 AR (with magic clutch ring give 765 AR)..i will post AR when i hv +5.
Yes that's what the chart is saying. You might be surprised how many weapons' base damage change like that when infused. But just watch out for how the scaling changes
I would say this weapon is intended to be infused. It almost don't lose any scaling but gain good elemenal damage.
AR n this weapon always lies. My Dark LSS shown + 49 to phys and + 30 to dark without and with dark weapon buff. But with 4 giant souls it did 311 without buff and ~390 with buff to Vendrick in NG.
If it is infused, does the graph say that it does 322 physical and 322 elemental as well? Essentially dealing 1.5x the dmg? if so thats awesome. if it dealing less as infused i dont wanna do it
Yes that's what the chart is saying. You might be surprised how many weapons' base damage change like that when infused. But just watch out for how the scaling changes
Changing scaling for this weapon isn't a problem when infusing it. It already has a low str/dex scaling and it doesn't lose much when infused but gains B scaling for elemental.
This is a confusing weapon to me. I dont understand it's relation with sin.I know its more sin less damage, but everything else does not make sense.
It does damage to the wielder? Whats the info on that? How much does it do? Is it a constant dmg or just when u attack someone?
There is no dmg on the wielder from the Sinner's Sword. Possibly, you may be confusing this with the Chaos Blade.
there is a chance that the damage dealt towards yourself scales with sin but last time I checked it did 30 damage per strike when it hits something.
Read the description broseph, it says it does damage the wielder.
The quote at the top of the page is missing the last line in the weapon's description. "Effect: attacks damage wielder". I wanted to add this to clear up any confusion from the last anonymous poster. The Lost Sinner's Sword does damage to you when you attack an enemy. However, I hardly noticed the health loss at 50 Vigor.
This Confounding Sword...

It makes not a lick of sense to me, I have an AR of 335 (-225) and I deal somewhere between 700-800 damage (with 54 STR and 50 DEX)
I dont get it. Mine is Lightning +5 and has a scale of D-D-B, at 40 STR and 40 DEX I have no scale bonus and the lightning damage says 322-12 (at 50 FTH), I'm not a sinner so I should not get a malus. When it's not infused, the sword has a poor scale bonus (less than 50)
This is awesome weapon. I easily defeated giant Lord ng +7 by spamming jump attack(1400 damage) per hit. If u want do soul farming as a melee build ,it,s really worth to give a try. The battle lasted 30 secs
I wonder why there is no health loss during backstab move o.o
If you're looking for a "lore" reason, I couldn't tell ya. As far as game mechanics go, though, it is because you are invincible while performing a backstab. Maybe it isn't a "sin" if they don't see who did it ;)
Hey, just a little meme to consider before you trade 25k souls for it, in my agile build, with >50% eqp load and 40+ points on STR, DEX and VIT, i found lost sinner sword a little bit inferior in comparison to drangelic sword. with my playstyle, extra agility that drangelic s. provides, makes a big impact on my playstyle in quite painful way.
The plunging attack might come in handy someday, but sometimes, in ((really)) close and personal combat, this attack might even straight up miss the targe because of just how lock on works.
its a good sword, but with similar to mine stats and love for drangelic sword, you should rather consume these souls and get 2-4 level ups.

i'm still able to do large amounts of damage even with 0 AR