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You can also get sun medals from mounted overseers in harvest valley (windmill place)

Found a few while farming for prisoners tatters, which I didn’t get lol
By Anonymous
Best way to get 30 medals offline, no weird spell builds needed:

Immediately after starting NG+, DON'T ACTIVATE ANY BONFIRES and run to majula and join CoC

Die/TP back with your feather to get back to the starting location and kill the 4 falcon hollows in the first area, all of the 3 falcon guys AND the bow one further back can drop the medals.

Use the jesters cap, gold serpent ring, prisoners tatters and watchdragon parma for higher dropchance - kill all, use feather, repeat

Took me 3-4 hours to get 30, it can be rough at times with the very low chance, but it's 10x better than royal campsite imo
By Anonymous
That's the best way for sure!!! THANKS FOR THAT
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
witam czy jest ktoś chętny mi pomóc zdobyć 30 medali na ps3 ?
By Anonymous
around the corner on the right
By Anonymous
A good technique for offline farming is this: Join Company of Champions, put on item discovery gear, and go to Brightstone Cove Royal Army Campsite bonfire. Equip a chime than can cast both hexes and miracles. Walk up to the stone wall by the bonfire, cast the hex Profound Still. This will aggro three nearby Falconers to run towards you. Then cast Soul Appease to kill them. On regular NG I one shot them with the spell. This can be done over and over really quickly without straying from the bonfire.
By Anonymous
If it helps anyone only toke me about an hour and 45 mins to get all 30 medals which seems a good deal faster than what Ive read so wanted to comment.

I used all the item discovery boosting gear(mimics, prisoner tatters, watchdragon parma, covetous +2) I used the dragonrider bow +4/5 magic infused with spellclutch, blades to 1 shot headshot the falconer next to the army bonfire in tseldora. Champions covenant for infinite respawn. Didnt ascetic. Used a 5 min timer to match rusted coins.

I just rested,aimed at head while character got up killed and waited a sec to see if any blue beneath legs than rested and repeat. I averaged like 35 kills every coin(5mins) and 1 maybe 2 medals. Even got three sometimes. So pretty solid, if you can ascetic and still 1 shot headshot with something than that would prob be the best possible. Happy hunting!
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Good strat I used dark orb to 2-shot the two ones near the bonfire at the same place, after a while when they stop dropping their equipment you know that if something drops, it's a medal
By Anonymous
You Just saved my life... As being unable yo do online
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By minespatch
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Highly recommend Shrine of amana for a good helping spot. PEople will summon you quickly.
By Anonymous
im still playing ds2 on ps3 ,looking for friends to play with and platinum the game...
psn Dubal_22
By Anonymous
I'll call you later. Let's cooperate
By Anonymous
When offering sunlight medals, why the hell do you have to give them one at a time? Why can’t I just offer them all at once?
By Anonymous
Note for Anyone farming the falconers in either ng+ or bonfire aesthetic join covenant of champions so they respawn infinitely once you get all 30 sunlight medals you can leave Covenant of Champions and join heirs of the sun again
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