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Looking for farming, SOTFS SM tier 35. Username jamarcusisraw
if anyone is interested in farming these i am in ng+ and my SM is 5.786.799 currently
ps4 and my name is Astrq3K
Im still ng and i'm sm 28.964.533. Lvl 295
Farming falconer is actually quite effective (at least in scholar) Camp att brightstone normal is fast farming with soul appease and drop rate is ok. Used all the standard discovery buffs incl. Coins and got one medal every 1.5 runs. Way faster farming than soapstone if you're high level.
To clarify, used gold Serpent ring +1 Merchant hat Prisoners tatters Wat hdragon parma Rusted coins Got about 1 medal every 2 minutes or so and shiny stones from the pigs is a nice bonus, was able to score about 10 medals before falconer stopped spawning.
You are so lucky, I did it about 20 and i got 3
The soa is better than merchant hat so is jesters cap
Anyone want to help me my SL is 249 and my ps3 account is iamriku2107
SM 26.297.916
Are you still farming them? PSN: TauanVieira
Ps4 soul memory 10,000,000. O_fantastic54


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Anyone want to farm these on ps4? My character has 6.2 million soul memory
Yup Davis_890
Yes Stringfox_Kewn Add anyone who'd like to farm, soul memory 7mill
yes Tackle-Smackle . soul memory 10 mil
took me 13 hours to farm just 30 of these Sunlight Medals
If you manage to summon multiple Sunbros, you get a medal for each living summon after the boss fight which is neat