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I don't have online, so I used a bonfire ascetic at Things Bewixt to fight falconers for sunlight medals, but they never drop them. Even with all the item discovery equipment, I despawned them all before getting even one medal. How rare is their drop rate of them?
if you are I ng you can buy it from the guy that sales you armor in the hub world
It's posted as 5% with max discovery. you must have just gotten unlucky
You can join the covenant of the mighty (or whatever the one up the side path in Majula is called) to get infinite respawns.
I'm wondering because I can't seem to find any other players.

Check your settings, I get loads
just wondering because im 215000 souls and my buddy at 340000 souls can link up even though we are out
Can a member of the heirs of the sun connect to non-members?
Do you have to have online to get sunlight metals or whatever there called?
I've seen the Falconers in the Shaded Woods drop Sunlight Medals once or twice on NG. Must be a rare or very rare drop though.
Use the name engraved ring and you should be able to link up because that will give you a range of <5> tiers and I believe that should be fine but you might want to check the soul tier section in this forum it will give you all the tiers and the range of them and then how to increase your range for friends
In NG+ you can get them off-line with the falconers (Thing Betwixt) as a rare drop
Falconers at Tseldora's first Bonfire also drop them. Just got six there before they despawned.
I like trtlez
i nnow ds2 is around 1-2 years old but ive never cared for the co-op covenants until now and im wondering if you can be summoned to ng+ games? in case your wondering ive started on a sorcery class but still on ng not ng+
yess u can
As long as your soul memories are the same yes
Is anyone still in this cov I need help
I still play on the ps4, and my psn
is alklonuriel
PS4: tangzero
Do ppl still play this cov
Hell yes
I'm going to play it in NG+ for a while for the achievements.
Sunbros FTW \[T]/
I've just joined does anyone need help because I've just left my sign outside the purgatory but maybe that boss isn't fought much I'm teir 24
Purgatory Boss is easy... Most dont need a summon. Try placing in front of ruin sentinels
On PS4. I need five more to max out. On a finished ng+. Does anyone need me?!
You still play¿