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By Anonymous
He can be posioned with arrows and cannout hit you if you snipe from behind the rolling statue head. There is enough tine to finish him to especially if you have secondary lightning/fire arrows to fire off while he is inflicted with poison. Keep him poisoned and keep firing. Zero damage taken.
By Anonymous
He's the last giant
By Anonymous
Tried without, hawk ring does not work. Not sure if possible with the ring
By Anonymous
Use greatbow
By ChildrenOfDark
good idea small problem: can't see shock wave attack coming through boulder.
By Anonymous
as you enter memory of jeigh, trigger the statue's head to fall then back up onto the ledge. once it stops rolling just sprint past and head to the boss. you can easily win the fight by going left on the platform and backing up all the way to the patch of fire while sticking to the wall. once you're there, use ranged attacks or spells: he'll only use his sword swing and frontal slam to attack, which are easily dodged by rolling aside. i farmed him up to +12 and I'm still going. i recommend using hexes with a +5 dark enchanted sunset staff and equipping all tseldora set to get max amount of souls.
By Anonymous
so we CAN block ***** like the old iron king's arm sweeps and fireballs and stuff, but we CANNOT block ANY ATTACK made by a giant...

"Because f*ck you, that's why"
By Anonymous
Welcome to Dark souls!
By Anonymous
What ring do i need to travel to the memory of jeigh darksouls wiki is never verry clear about what you need and where it actually is
By Anonymous
You need Ashen Mist Heart look for it.
By Anonymous
Look for Ashen Mist Heart.
By Anonymous
You don't need a ring. You need an Ashen Mist Heart from talking to Ancient Dragon.
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By thegourd
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Ashen Mist heart from ancient dragon
By Anonymous
you do not use a ring you need the ashen mist heart
By Anonymous
In case you missed the previous 5 responses (seriously guys, 4 of you are dense), you don't need a ring, but an Ashen Mist Heart!
By Anonymous
I find this to be very weird. I farmed for souls by fighting the Giant Lord constantly (I'm up to NG+ 21), and it seems that when the difficulty in the Memory of Jeigh increases, the difficulty in ALL other giant memories increases. Enemies are able to easily one-shot me, which I've never seen before.

Can anyone else confirm this?
By Anonymous
Yes, it increase the difficult of all the memories
By Anonymous
Just so everyone knows summoning Benhart or Drummond will decrease the damage you inflict on the Giant Lord along with the sounds you receive from deafeating him. It took me a while to work this out and I got annoyed thinking about all the souls I missed out on :(
By Anonymous
It does that with almost all the bosses in the game, but I don't know about the sound part.
By Anonymous
Keeping just to the outside of his feet is key. You will bait the stomp attack every time.
By Anonymous
he looks like yhorm, is that yhorm?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No, because Yhorm, unlike other giants, has a full face
By Anonymous
Yhorms lore can be read that he is a descended of the Giant Lord ("Yhorm is the descendant of an ancient conqueror"-soul description) on the other hand ...he has a face. Could be an artitisc decision though...Siegmeyer/Yhorm story plot is meant to be emotional and tragic. But it's hard to relate to someone who has no face. So they gave him one.
By Anonymous
You forgot to add to the drops list the "Ring of the Giants +2" at bonfire intensity 2 and higher.
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