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To people who own Scholar of the First Sin, the Heide Knight will not be in Forrest of Fallen Giants. You will have to farm for it in Tower of Flame.
Usually on the wiki pages there is a second location specifically labelled for SOTFS, though I don't know why that isn't the case for this one, maybe it was just forgotten.
I mean, it says at "+5" kms
Playing SOTFS and it's still there at the forest, what? Literally, 2 seconds ago, just got it. :O



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thank you, they really need to make 2 separate wiki's for SotFS, i never know which info is for my version or not but i thank you very much!
It says at "+10 it has 150+105" but my Heide Knight Sword is at +10 and it has 150+101 at 20str 31dex
If the knight is still under the tree in FoFG, then you're not playing SOTFS.
Wrong. Heide knight is still under the tree in FoFG in SoTFS. I just killed him this morning.
It is the length of a shortsword with the handle of a greatsword/longsword.
Someone explain this.
it's actually a bastard sword hilt
the design is realistic, this is one of the best looking swords in the game.
Indeed, a realistic looking bastard sword.
Like it or not.
is it wise to infuse it with lightning?



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Sorry for the late response, but yes, it is VERY wise. Although it only list a B for scaling, the Heide knight swords faith scaling when lightning infused is actually absurd. Should probably be listed as S realistically. I have a pure faith build with 50 faith and bare minimum str/dex stats to equip the heide knight sword and it gets an AR of well of 400 when lightning infused. Slap sunlight blade onto it and it is one of theh ighest DPS'ing weapons in the game. I'm amazed more people don't use it. The only reason i can see why people dont is because it lists a very misleading "B" scaling when lightning infused.
heide knight counter strength is 110 not 120


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fixed, also said 10 poise damage so i changed to the correct 20
i have SoTFS edition and i got the sword the the knight at the top of the ladder in FoFG
Last gen(xbox360 and ps3) SotFs doesn't change item placement
This wiki is wrong
it is on SoTFS edition where it says, atleast on ps3 anyway
Weird,it's not there for me...
it's not there for anyone in SoTFS
It's there for me too (Xbox 360) on SoTFS
"scholar of the first sin" refers to the DX11 PC version, which has the SOTFS changes. The 360, PS3 and DX9 PC versions count as "not sotfs".
Fast attack, good scales, have lightning damage, low states require, easy-to-find upgrade materials. This one is a very good sword!
25/25 STR dex 46 faith
at +10 I get 126+35 phys
140+108 lightning
oh that's with lightning imbued
Anyone else hate the way this sword swings compared to other straight swords?
Pretty terrible I agree.