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By Hellsing4682
Any perverted edits to this armor set will result in an IP ban, you have been warned.
By Anonymous
.... aww
By Anonymous
Doesn't mean you can't play offline, unless that still bans you then ignore me
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Thank you.
By Anonymous
@Hellsing4682 Lmao, your comment already says it all.
By Anonymous
don't care lmfao
By Anonymous
You do it for free.
By Anonymous
You can also farm this set at the mines, before toxic gas area where there are 3 titanize lizards running away from you and falling down to holes leading to poison gas. There is a bonfire right before this area. Simply turn back and there are 2 sorceresses there.
By Anonymous
Only in SotGS, but who doesn't play SotFS
By Anonymous
I farmed them at the mines until they stopped spawning, they didn't drop any of the armor :(
By Anonymous
CoC bro
By Anonymous
Covenant of Champions -

Only 3 years late...
By Anonymous
Champ stone covenant helps when farming this set or any set or farming in general although it is a double edged sword.
By Anonymous
I mean you can take it off at any time so who cares
By Anonymous
Well this set is apparently rarer than lingering dragon crest ring +1. Got 2 of those long before I got the whole set (top took forever to farm)
By Anonymous
I farmed for the chestpiece so I can wear it on my male character.
Was pretty disappointed :(
By Anonymous
I mean what did you expect bro XD
By Anonymous
i just have one thing to say: E X T R A T H I C C
By Anonymous
Best place to farm this set is Drangleic Castle (IMO) I simply wore the jester set (head increases item discovery) and the gold serpent ring and got 2 full outfits in less than 10 minutes because there is a bonfire close by (Central Drangleic Castle bonfire) makes farming easy and I had no real luck in Eastern Peak myself
By Anonymous
Or you can farm before the 2nd bonfire in Harvest Valley. Equip covenant of Champions so they respawn
By Anonymous
Kinda wish the male and female versions of the top were switched.
By Armasher
Then that would require some worthless effort
By Anonymous