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Unfortunately, when the chest piece is given to Rosabeth, it seems to make her unequip all other Desert Sorcerer equipment.
By Anonymous
ds2 is the best
By Anonymous
How aromatic ooze is made
By Anonymous
nvm best fashion souls
By Anonymous
Its good for elemental defences, and the hood gives a nice +3 int, if you can look past the bazongas
By Anonymous
2 hours of farming with gold serpent ring +1 jesters helm and watchdragon pharma: 9 magic stones, lots of herbs and dragon charms, 2 rings and the skirt from the set. I am just sad now
By Anonymous
Don’t give up, Skeleton!
By Anonymous
Best looking set for female characters, hands down.
By Anonymous
Put your hands on a table!
By Anonymous
the hood from this goes perfectly with the falconer set and the alva set